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Air Conditioning Cleaning Mackay and surrounding suburbs including Airlie Beach.  Fully qualified and licensed Sanitair™ technicians.


Ross Cacciola

Is your air conditioning making your sick?

AirCon Cleaning Mackay does more than just clean the filters of your air conditioner! With Sanitair™ Award Winning Advanced Air Conditioning Cleaning techniques, AirCon Cleaning Mackay will remove all mould contamination from throughout the air conditioner.

These harmful bacterial contamination produce unhealthy air and unpleasant odours.  The air is continually being recycled through these contaminated coils spreading the harmful bacteria through the room for the room occupants to inhale.

Once the contamination is removed from your dirty indoor air conditioning coils, your air conditioner will run more efficiently, reducing energy costs by up to 30%. Sanitair™ Machine Clean Service will make your conditioner run and smell like new, extending the life of your system and reducing your electricity bills. Now that’s a Breath of Fresh Air!

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