Protective Maintenence

Contaminated air conditioners have the potential to trigger asthma attacks, allergic reactions and promote flu like symptoms. In a study published in McGill University scientists found that disinfecting air conditioning coils reduced over all sickness by 20%, reduced respiratory symptoms by 40% and has resulted in a 99% reduction of microbial and endotoxin concentrations on surfaces within the air conditioning system. (McGill University 2005)

Protecting your Property

Your air conditioner requires air con cleaning and regular maintenance to ensure its trouble free operation. Condensation lines can block causing water damage to your property e.g. walls, furniture, and floor coverings. A common question asked by our customers: Do we move the furniture, the answer No, we are not furniture removalists.  It is up to the customer to remove any furniture or items in or around the air conditioner prior to cleaning.  All care is taken when working around equipment that can not be removed but no responsibility accepted.  Dust build up on scroll fans can cause your system to become unbalanced creating unnecessary vibration and noise. Regular maintenance will assist in protecting your property against damage. Aircon cleaning service by our exclusively authorised technicians will ensure a professional clean.

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Protecting your Warranty

Just like your car, air conditioning manufacturers require regular maintenance of your air conditioners to honour any warranty claims. If you neglected your scheduled vehicle maintenance and something went wrong with your car whilst under warranty you would be liable for the repairs. Your air conditioning is no different, but now you have a reliable company that will ensure your system is maintained annually to manufacturer’s specifications at an affordable cost.

Protecting your Hard Earned Dollar

Regular maintenance of your air conditioner will ensure peak operating efficiency which has been proven to reduce your air conditioners operating costs by up to 20% which means more dollars in your pocket. Air con cleaning and regular maintenance are known to reduce costly mechanical failures that produce property damage and unnecessary and expensive rectification costs. The internal parts within the air conditioner are very fragile and if cleaned incorrectly can damage the parts which can become a costly experience. Be sure your air conditioning cleaner is Sanitair™ licenesed and specifically trained to avoid any damage to these expensive parts.

Find an Exclusively Authorised, Local and Licensed Sanitair technician in your area – Aircon Cleaning Service

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