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Cleaning up the Air on the Coffs Coast!


John Winnacott is a licenced Sanitair™ HVAC Hygienist based in Coffs Harbour. The Coffs Coast can now breathe easy knowing John is on the job cleaning up the air on the Coffs Coast and improving the indoor air quality for residents, employers and employees and their guests.

Recently John was employed to clean and sanitise the air conditioning at the legendry “Big Banana” to ensure that the staff and visitors are provided with clean, fresh uncontaminated air to breath.

You don’t need a Big Banana in your front yard to experience the Sanitair Difference, If you live on the Coffs Coast John is available to give your air conditioning the same treatment. He promises your air conditioning will Look, Smell and Run as New.

Contact John Today and Breathe Clean Healthy Air.  FreeCall: 1800 130 168 and simply enter your postcode to be connected.

How a real banana turned into “The Big Banana”

In 1964 John Landi wanted something to make passing traffic stop at his road side banana stall. He had heard of a “Big Pineapple” in Hawaii and thought that something big would definitely stop traffic. With assistance of 1200 pounds and local engineer, Alan Chapman, who set about designing the giant banana by cutting the best looking banana he could find into 40 pieces and developing plans from which builders could work from, the Big Banana could become a reality.

Builder Alan Harvey started the construction in September 1964 with the work to be completed before Christmas. The biggest banana in the world was officially opened on December 22 that year.

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Oyez, Oyez, Oyez!

Clean air now! for every Woman, Man and Child in Canberra

Official Canberra Town Crier Joseph McGrail-Bateup is now also proclaiming the many benefits of Sanitair™

Canberra Residents, Employees, Businesses Owners, Students and Visitors to the city have now been granted the freedom and opportunity to breathe clean healthy air indoors.

It is with great pleasure and by the order of Sanitair Australia that we announce that Joseph McGrail-Bateup has been appointed Sanitair licensee for Canberra South. Joseph’s first proclamation as a licenced Sanitair™ HVAC Hygienist was to let all Canberran’s know that no Woman, Man or Child shall unnecessarily be exposed to dirty air conditioning in their Homes, Workplace, Educational facility or Accommodation whilst staying in Canberra.

Joseph joins the growing number of Sanitair licensees dedicated to providing specialist air conditioning hygiene services in Australia.  Sanitair is Australia’s largest and most trusted specialist air conditioning cleaning and sanitising provider providing their services since 2005.  With 60+ licences now operating in every state and territory of Australia there is sure to be a licenced Sanitair™ HVAC Hygienist near you providing their Award Winning Premium Clean.

Licenced Sanitair™ HVAC Hygienist’s have been providing their industry leading and Award-Winning services for Domestic Homes, Hotels & Resorts, Aged Care, Hospital & Medical, Mining, Public & Private Schools, Universities, Childcare & TAFE, Government agencies and Prisons. All Licenced Sanitair HVAC Hygienists are fully insured, Police Checked and have working with children and the vulnerable clearance.

A Sanitair Premium air conditioning service has many benefits as experienced by thousands of Australians each year and some of these benefits include Health, Energy Savings and Operational Efficiencies.  Sanitair promises that after they carry out a Sanitair Premium Service your air conditioning will Run, Look and Smell as new and best of all every one of their premium services is backed with a 12 Month Nationwide Mould Free Guarantee.

To speak with Joe or your Local licenced Sanitair™ HVAC Hygienist simply call on Free Call: 1800 130 168 and enter your postcode when prompted.


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Going for Gold! GO Team Nicolson

The Commonwealth Games have started and we are all behind our Aussie Athletes.

With the games in the Sanitair Head office back yard, things are very exciting as most of the action is close to home.  The Sanitair family feels even closer to the action with the Sister of Sanitair Gold Coast North licensee Allan Nicolson preparing to go for GOLD! Skye Nicholson a very talented local boxer will put on the gloves for Australia to do us all proud and no prouder will be big brother Allan, himself a former national boxer, Coach and one of Skye’s biggest fans.

No pressure…but we can’t wait to see Skye’s Gold medal in the office Allan.

After Skye has secured her Gold Medal and the Commonwealth Games have concluded local Gold Coast North businesses and residents will again be able to experience Allan’s Gold Medal worthy Sanitair Air Conditioning Clean and Sanitise Service simply FreeCall: 1800 130 168

Good luck Skye from all of the Sanitair Staff, Customers, Licensees and our Families. We will be all cheering you on Tuesday April 10 at 12PM

Aussie Aussie Oi Oi Oi


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What’s Hiding Under Your Hood?

When you last cleaned your car did you service under the Hood?

When you wash and polish your car you probably also vacuum the inside and clean the windows. How often do you open the hood and provide maintenance and cleaning under the hood, if you are like most people it would be hardly ever.

Sometimes car owners are able to carry out simple maintenance like, topping up fluids, changing or cleaning filters.  Usually a higher level of training, tools and experience are required to maintain critical parts and minimise the risk of damage when servicing.

Your air conditioner is very similar to your car as there are minor maintenance jobs that equipment owners can perform and there are many parts under the hood that require a higher level of training and tools to maintain without causing damage which can incur expensive repair bills.

Licensed Sanitair HVAC Hygienists are professionally trained to clean and sanitise all the hard to get to places and they have specialised equipment and products to make sure the job is done properly and restore your air conditioner to as new condition.

If you have never had your air conditioner professionally cleaned then you could be in for some surprises.

Call Sanitair Today and Breathe Clean Air – Freecall 1800 130 168. We have technicians located across Australia in every state and territory.


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Air conditioning

Aircon Energy Saving Tips

Simple Aircon Energy Saving Tips

  • Air Con setting:  Set your air conditioner on 25°C and you will save $$$$$. The higher your setting the more money you will save.  Visit the Ergon Energy Calculator and see how much you can save.
  • Insulation: If the room you are trying to cool is not insulated, your air conditioner will have to work harder to cool the room down.  You will have to set your air con on a lower temperature to get the room to the desired temperature.  You may have to set on 20°C to get the indoor temperature to 24°C and this will cost you money $$$
  • Close Doors and Windows:  It goes without saying, close the doors and windows to stop the cool air from escaping and to stop the heat air coming into the room
  • Use the fan:  If you have a ceiling or floor fan use it to move the air around the room.
  • Cleaning your air conditioning: Cleaning the filters alone can save you up to 10% on energy costs.  Having the coils professionally cleaned will save up to 28% on energy costs, call your local Sanitair HVAC Hygienist 1800 130 168.   Not only will you save money but you will improve your indoor air quality.

Your air conditioner temperature impacts your power bills and is key to keeping your energy costs under control.   See the case study below:


However, if your indoor air conditioner coils are blocked with dust, dirt, DNA, pet dander, cooking oils, mould or bacteria it will work harder to cool the room.  If you haven’t had a professional Air conditioning clean on your system in the last 3 years, you are more than likely using more energy than you should.

Call a Sanitair HVAC hygienist 1800 130 168 we have over 55 branches across Australia


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