Air Con Cleaning Costs

How much does it cost to clean an air conditioner correctly and what are the potential costs?

A Standard Split System Sanitair service costs $69 and includes Hand cleaning of the evaporator casing, cleaning and sanitising the evaporator filters, flushing of the condenser coils where included and normal remote and operational checks. Standard Service time takes between 20-30 minutes.

A Premium Split System Air Conditioner Clean & Sanitise Costs $159. A Premium service includes the removal and cleaning of the evaporator casing, low pressure clean of Coils, Blower/Fan, Airwell, Condensate Pan & Drain along with usual outdoor condenser flush and operational checks. Sanitair premium services also include the application of our proprietary anti microbial treatment which comes with our 12 Month Nationwide Mould Free Guarantee. Premium Services time is approximately 60-90 minutes depending on contamination levels.

Potential Costs – Warning for DIY cleaners.

Most people who own air conditioners clean the primary filters themselves. These are usually the two filters located under the cover in front of the coils. This is a good practice and we recommend that they are inspected and or cleaned every 12 weeks. Although our technicians include filter cleaning and sanitising of primary filters in our services it is not a major part of an air conditioner clean.

Sanitair technicians focus on the removal of biological and bulk contaminants from the coils, blower, airwell, condensate pan & drain. These parts are difficult to access for untrained persons and require specialist equipment to remediate correctly and restore like new.

Accidental damage is expensive and we have been employed over the years to replace air conditioning systems worth thousands of dollars due to some easily done but costly mistakes. We have seen many blown boards, broken louvers, cracked blower fan fins, fan motors and damaged coil fins caused by incorrect cleaning and maintenance practices.

Air conditioners are expensive and delicate electronic and mechanical equipment which can cost thousands including installation and should only be maintained by trained technicians backed with years of experience and insurance.