Air Con Cleaning Education

A recent study* in China found that children exposed to mould in classrooms suffered more symptoms associated with sick building syndrome, which became worse when at school and improved when they stayed away. A longitudinal study of sick building syndrome among pupils in relation to microbial components in dust in schools in China

There is some evidence that exposure to high levels of mycotoxins can lead to serious neurological damage and even death. Even dead fungi, is still toxic, so it’s not enough to kill the mould – you have to remove it.

Average savings $200-$300 per room annually. Savings are based on an average 35sqm hotel room running a 7KW reverse cycle split system air conditioner 12 hours a day over one year @ 30 cents per KW.

Improvement in indoor air quality

Up to 28% reduction in energy usage

Quieter system operation

Reduced odours

Increased plant and equipment life

 Reduction of respiratory distress, such as asthma attacks

A clean and healthy environment is fundamental for allowing children to learn, laugh, play and grow. Keeping schools and childcare facilities clean is of upmost importance for staff, visitors, children and parents alike, however this task can prove to be very difficult due to contamination and health challenges presented in these facilities.

Sanitair Benefits

Run & Smell better

Lower power bills

Improved health

 Sanitair Technicians

Fully insured

Police checked

Working with children checked