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Sanitair – Australias leading air conditioning cleaning specialists with 55 locations around Australia, located in every state and territory.

Sanitair technicians are fully trained, insured and police checked.

We come to you from just $69 for a Sanitair standard air conditioner clean and sanitise.

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Fungal and microbial growth within air conditioning systems has the ability to dramatically reduce the systems operating efficiency whilst significantly increasing the systems operational costs.

As fungal and bacterial growth proliferates throughout components of the air conditioning systems, airflows are restricted, pressures within the system increased and delivery of conditioned air into the occupied areas may be dramatically reduced.

Excess operating costs of the air conditioning system is only one of the issues caused by contaminated air conditioners.  They also harbour  significant microbial growth, the costs of remediating a contaminated air conditioning by having a Sanitair air conditioning cleaning service is very affordable than the costs of repairs on systems or property affected by the fallout of contamination.  If not cleaned regularly your air conditioner, depending on extent of the contamination may need components or system replaced. The indoor air quality also poses a risk to room occupants.

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