Aircon Cleaning Kits

What about DIY Aircon Cleaning Kits?

The fact is that the DIY kits are available online and cost around 100+$$. DIY kits are nowhere near as effective as getting your system cleaned and sanitised by an industry professional. With out the dismantling of key componentry the job can not be done properly and the removal of all mould and other biological contaminants is limited. This partial cleaning leaves contamination within the system which quickly grows again requiring further cleaning within usually shot periods.

Reasons – Not to use a Do It Yourself AirCon Cleaning Kit!

  1. You can clean your air conditioners filters and miss the critical componentry that requires cleaning.
  2. You can clean deep clean the coils and risk damage the fins or the barrel fan which will attract possible costly repairs or worse, replacement bills.
  3. You can purchase a DIY kit but for a little bit more you can have professional  HVAC Hygienist will ensure it is done correctly without damaging your air conditioner or your property.
  4. Sanitair HVAC Hygienists are certified and only use products that are environmentally friendly and biodegradable
  5. Sanitair Premium Air Conditioner clean and sanitise will ensure your system coils are mould free for a minimum of 12 months – GUARANTEED.

or you can get a professional in to do the job who will restore your system like new and guarantee the work for 12 months for just $159 inc GST

The Choice is yours and we have a solution for the wise.