Become a Sanitair Technician

Welcome and Thank You for your interest in Sanitair.

Congratulations on possibly taking the first step to securing your financial independence and creating a fantastic balance between working and living.

Sanitair is Australia’s largest award winning air conditioning cleaning provider, we have been actively cleaning and sanitising air conditioners for over 60,000 customers Australia wide. Our regular customers include Residential Homes, Hotels, Motels, Resorts, Schools, Offices, Emergency Services and Government offices.

We have worked hard over the past 14 years developing systems and processes to professionally clean and restore health and operating efficiency to our client’s air conditioning systems. Through our vast experiences, we have learnt what works and what does not in the industry and now we are sharing our valuable knowledge with newly selected licensees.


Why Partner with Sanitair®

has always employed our own staff and we have worked hard on building end user relationships. We are Aircon Cleaning & Sanitising professionals and cleaning air conditioning is what we have done for a living for many years. Over these years we have gained invaluable experience and knowledge that will greatly benefit and support any new licensee starting their own business. In 2008 we won a prestigious Business Excellence Award for Trade Services.

In 2014 the Directors of Sanitair® decided for the first time to offer licences for suitable applicants and we currently have 66 licensees operating Sanitair businesses in every state and territory of Australia. Sanitair still has limited territories available throughout Australia, to find out if your preferred territory contact us Today.

How Sanitair® Licensing Works

  • Visit the Sanitair Website – By browsing through our pages you should gain an insight into the air conditioning cleaning industry. If you are interested in further pursuing a career in the industry, take the next step and contact us to see if your preferred territory is available.
  • Alternatively, you can click on the link at the bottom of this page and Submit an initial Suitability Application
  • If your territory is available and you are successful with the initial application you will be offered a position to attend the Sanitair Intensive Training Course to be trained as a professional licensed Air Conditioning Cleaning Technician.
  • The full cost of Training, License Preparation and Start-Up Equipment is $9,995.00 including GST this training is hands on competency based training conducted at Tweed Heads NSW over 3 days. (Travel and accommodation at trainees expense).Training is usually conducted once a month and limited to (4) attendees to maximise the learning outcomes.

To find out if Sanitair can offer you Licence in your preferred territory call us on 07 5601 0176 9am-5pm Mon-Fri NSW Day light Savings time or click on the link below TODAY.