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By completing the form below you are entering into a privacy and confidentiality agreement with Sanitair Australia:

We will collect personal information from you in the course of assessing your application.

Your personal information will only be used for the purposes for which it is collected or in accordance with the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth)

We do not disclose your information overseas unless you specifically consent in writing.

We manage and protect your personal information in accordance with our privacy policy. Our privacy policy contains information about how you can access and correct the personal information we hold about you and how you can raise any concerns about our personal information handling practices. For more information please contact us in writing.

You are disclosing that you are not connected in any manner whatsoever with any business offering services similar to Sanitair™, nor have you been requested to obtain information by any other company or individual. Any written and verbal communication between Sanitair representatives an yourself is to be used for the sole purpose of evaluating the business opportunity. Any information received from Sanitair representatives is deemed to be intellectual property and or a trade secret, and shall not be disclosed to any other parties.

Confidential Information means all information disclosed to you or any Related Body Corporate or representative of you by us or any Related Body Corporate or representative of us, under on in connection with your application to become a franchisee of the Sanitair System, including (but not limited to):

  • Information which, either orally or in writing, is designated or indicated as being the proprietary or confidential information of us or any of our Related Body Corporate;
  • Information to the extent derived or produced partly or wholly from the Information including any calculation, conclusion, summary or computer modelling.
  • Information which is capable of protection at law or equity as confidential information, whether the Information was disclosed:
  • Orally, in writing or in electronic or machine-readable form;
  • Before, on or after the date of your application
  • As a result of discussions between the you, us or any third party, concerning or arising out of the application to become a franchisee; or
  • By us or any of our representatives, any of our related Bodies Corporate, and Representative of our Related Bodies Corporate, and/or our franchisees
  • No Confidential Information may be disclosed by you to any person except:
  • To representatives of your for the purposes of becoming a franchisee of the Sanitair System;
  • With our consent;
  • If you are required to do so by law, a stock exchange or any regulatory authority; or
  • In connection with any legal proceedings.
  • If you disclose Confidential Information you must use your reasonable endeavours to ensure that recipients of the Confidential Information do not disclose the Confidential Information except in the Circumstances permitted above.
  • You must not use any Confidential Information, except for the purpose of becoming a franchisee in the Sanitair System, or as otherwise required by operation of law.
  • If your application is terminated or not approved, you must immediately deliver to us or otherwise destroy all documents or other materials to the extent they contain or refer to Confidential Information which are:
  • In your possession, power or control; or
  • In the possession power or control of persons who have received Confidential Information as authorised above.
  • By accepting the above, you are bound to maintain our Confidential Information. We reserve our rights as to a claim against you in the event that our Confidential Information is used contrary to the provision above, including, but no t limited to, a claim of constructive trust against you and an account of profits.



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