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Accommodation Facility Air Conditioning Cleaning and Sanitising – Healthy, Convenient, Cost-Effective Solutions

Resort and Hotel facilities accommodate a large number of occupants for long periods of time, accommodation air conditioning systems can become breeding grounds for fast-moving diseases if building air conditioning systems are not maintained properly.

In today’s environment, professional air conditioning cleaning and maintenance are critical to the accommodation providers  occupants safety and daily operation. Sanitair® specialise in accommodation facility air conditioning cleaning services and ensure the impeccable cleanliness of your air conditioning assets. With a clear understanding of your concerns and challenges, we provide cost-effective programs backed by unparalleled accommodation air conditioning cleaning services.

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Trust the Accommodation Air Conditioning Cleaning Experts

Santiair® offers more than just competitive pricing for accommodation air conditioner cleaning. We provide your facility with a 12 month mould free guarantee and issue a certificate of currency on all premium services.



“We had been having lingering smells, particularly in the units with kitchens; however their process has all but eliminated all of this, to see the amount of gunk removed and flushed out was testament to their work.”

Ramada Resort




All Sanitair® technicians hold:

  • Police clearance – all have police clearances
  • Blue Cards – hold current blue cards – working with children and vulnerable
  • Public Liability – 20 million public liability insurance
  • Experience – understand the importance of working within the facility without any interruptions to the normal day to day operations.
  • Industry Experience – Sanitair® have over 14 years experience working within the accommodation industry.

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When you choose Sanitair® air conditioning cleaning service professionals, you will enjoy:

  • improved indoor air quality – Sanitair® premium services will ensure the removal of all mould anAsthma-Log-Final-GIFd bacterial contamination guaranteed.
  • energy savings – Sanitair® premium services save up to 28% on energy costs
  • extend the life of your air conditioner – your systems will run better and extend the life of the system
  • less sick days – improved indoor air quality reduce to chance of illness from mould spores
  • dedicated and experienced support – our staff can handle any challenge
  • 12 month guarantee – a 12 month minimum mould free guarantee
  • asthma and allergy friendly – all products are asthma and allergy friendly


We specialise in providing professional air conditioning cleaning services to a variety of accommodation facilities, such as hotels, resorts and more.



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Clean Air for Guests and Staff

Eliminate Bacteria and Mould Spores

Sanitair air conditioning cleaning services will eliminate all contaminated pollutants from the accommodation air conditioner, helping reduce a variety of pollutants and allergens. Sanitair will create a healthy, comfortable indoor environment for guests and staff.

Sanitair services offer an effective, efficient and low-cost solution that will benefit new and old buildings. In many accommodation facilities the savings in the first year could be substantial, up to 28% on energy costs. Utilising Sanitair® services to clean up the room
air conditioner will provide substantial benefits that cleaner air can potentially create.

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We Would Like to Book a Sanitair Complimentary Demonstration

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