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Nine NEWS – How to spot mould in your air conditioner

In the News – How to spot mould in your air conditioner.

Sanitair HVAC Hygienist Brian Curran was interviewed on Nine News along with other experts on how to spot mould in your air conditioner and the health effects of mould exposure.

Mould exposure could be the cause of chronic condition or mysterious symptoms. If exposed long enough to mould and dangerous biotoxins, most humans will become ill. This is especially true for the young, elderly, those with weakened immune systems, and 24% of people who are genetically susceptible to CIRS, as their immune systems are unable to identify and remove biotoxins from the body. People may also experience symptoms Skin Rashes, Runny or blocked noses, sore throats, itchy eyes, asthmatic symptoms, headaches, fatigue, brain fog and more.

Air conditioners are the perfect breeding ground for mould and bacteria to thrive, cleaning the filters help but you need to clean the components inside the system and physically remove the mould contamination.  Sanitair uses products that are designed to safely remove the mould without the mould cross contaminating other parts in the room.

Call 1800 130 168 to speak with your local Sanitair HVAC Hygienist to safely remove mould and bacterial contamination from your air conditioner.


Video: Nine News

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Why is my AirCon Leaking?

Why is my Air Conditioner Leaking?

One problem nearly all conditioning users and owners encounter at one time or another is a leaking air conditioner. Leaks are annoying, inconvenient and can be dangerous. The cause of 9 out of 10 leaking air conditioners is due to a physical blockage in the condensate line.

These blockages can be caused by;

1. A poorly maintained system that has not been cleaned regularly or correctly;
• Physical blockages of condensate lines can originate from bio films & slime, found in condensate pans, deceased pests, gecko eggs, internal packing material that has been chewed by rats, mice & cockroaches.
• Heavily contaminated coils can also contribute to tracking and leaking systems.

2. Low Refrigerant/Gas – Sometime when a system is low on refrigerant/gas it will cause ice to form on the coils. When ice is sensed by the system it can initiate the defrost cycle which can cause an excess of moisture and intermittent dripping.

3. Stress fracture in a condensate pans – as systems age and due to natural vibration, which is made worse by poorly maintained systems plastic and polycarbonate parts can deteriorate, resulting in hairline cracks forming that cause small annoying drips.

4. Environmental factors – Air Conditioners are matched in capacity (size) to you room size. Air conditioners are designed to operate in a sealed environment e.g. A room with all the doors and windows closed. Air conditioning evaporators (indoor unit) cool the room by removing all the moisture (conditioning of the air) and when all the moisture is removed the room is cooled to its thermostat setting e.g. 24 degrees.

When a window or door is left open whilst operating an air conditioner the indoor evaporator works continuously to also try and remove the moisture outside. This practice will result in high running cost, a room never getting to the correct temperature or comfort level and an access of moisture that can cause sweating and dripping on the indoor evaporator surface. Please keep all room doors and windows shut when operating your air conditioners for maximum benefits, minimal problems and big energy savings.

5.   Poor Installation – It is unfortunate but occasionally we come across leaking systems that have been installed incorrectly requiring condensate lines to be corrected at a substantial cost.

If you are experiencing a leaking air conditioner a Sanitair Premium Clean will fix this problem 9 times out of 10.
Whilst professional air conditioning cleaning is the best way to address a leaking air conditioner it is unfortunately not a guarantee against leaks for the reasons mentioned above.

If your air conditioner has started leaking, your air conditioner more than likely, requires a professional clean. For a clean with a 12 Month Guarantee call Sanitair today on 1800 130 168


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Wet Weather – How to Combat Mould

High levels of rainfall in most parts of the country will see a high level of mould in our homes, bathrooms, air conditioners and may even venture into parts of the home that wouldn’t normally get mould.

Did you know that with every basket of wet laundry up to 5 litres of water vapour is expelled into the room atmosphere and every person in the home creates up to 10 litres of water vapour into the indoor air per day.  For mould to grow it needs moisture (from the air) and a food source (chemicals, dusts, skin DNA, pet dander) and if the surface is wet for up to 48 hours and not dried out, mould will begin to grow.

At the first sign of moisture penetration you should remove the moisture,  this can be done by using a dehumidifier or using your air conditioning system as a dehumidifier. Please take care that you do not recirculate any mould from the air conditioner and make sure it has been professionally cleaned and sanitised before using the system.

If you are using your clothes dryer, try to use a condensing dryer that removes the moisture from the wet clothes or have the dryer vented to the outside air.   This should also be done when using the bathroom, the vent should be vented to the outside (not the roof cavity) and to ensure the vent is always used when showering add it to the light switch so that is turns on as soon as the bathroom is being used.

Source: Today Nine Network


Sanitair have over 70+ operators that are locally owned and operated and qualified mould testing technicians in Queensland, New South Wales and Western Australia. IICRC certifed Firm and a corporate member of IAQA.

Freecall 1800 130 168 and speak with your Sanitair HVAC Hygienist.

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Award Winnning Team Sanitair Newman

The Newman Chamber of Commerce and Industry Business Excellence Awards 2020 Under the Stars was held last night at Fortescue Golf Club in Newman.

Highlighting and celebrating the achievements and success of small and medium businesses in Newman. Presenters from BHP and the Newman Chamber of Commerce & Industry engaged audiences with speeches and words of encouragement, congratulating all the outstanding local businesses, employers, apprentices, trainees and other individuals who had demonstrated exceptional commitment and dedication to business in the community.

Daniel & Lee Hutcheson at Sanitair Newman won NCCI Business Excellence Award 2020 – Small Enterprise of the Year.

We offer our congratulations!

This award is now added to their 2019 Certificates of Nomination in Customer Service and Small Enterprise of the Year 2019.

A huge ‘Thank you’ to the local Sanitair Newman customers and businesses who nominated Sanitair Newman in the 2020 NCCI awards and for your continued support.
1800 130 168
Sanitair Newman – Air Conditioning Cleaning and Sanitising

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Healthy Hotel Surfers Paradise

Another big thank you goes out to MARRAKESH APARTMENTS located in Surfers Paradise for engaging Sanitair to clean and sanitise the air conditioners, so that their customers can breathe Clean Fresh Air❄

Let’s holiday in QLD this year and support local business…🏖

So if you are looking for luxury, convenience and location, Marrakesh Apartments has it all. Their 4-star Moroccan inspired boutique apartments are situated between Surfers Paradise and Broadbeach, in the heart of the Gold Coast.
The beach and Broadbeach Boulevard are a leisurely 5-minute stroll from our front door as are a selection of cafes, shops, restaurants and the Internationally renowned Broadbeach Bowls Club.
They offer a choice of self-contained 1- and 2-bedroom apartments with fully equipped kitchens, laundries, open-plan living and private balconies. All apartments are air-conditioned and feature 40″ Smart TVs and Complimentary unlimited WiFi.

Their guests consistently praise their onsite facilities. They love the heated outdoor pool, heated indoor pool, gym, sauna, poolside barbecue area and rooftop barbecue and entertainment area that showcases stunning 360-degree views towards the ocean and Gold Coast hinterland. Poolside on our ground floor, you will find Rudy’s Real Foods Organic cafe/restaurant who offer delicious meals, snacks and drinks.

The friendly staff are available seven days a week to provide tour booking advice, shopping recommendations and to share their knowledge of local attractions.
Just outside the door you’ll find the GLink Tram and it’s just a short walk to the beach.
A short drive to the Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre, The Star Gold Coast Casino and Pacific Fair Shopping Centre, and 35-minutes from the Coolangatta Airport.

Rest assured when staying at Marrakesh Apartments in Surfer Paradise.. Their air conditioners have all been cleaned and sanitised by our Sanitair Qld South East HVAC Hygienists in March 2020.
For more accommodation providers in your region that are a part of the ‘Healthy Hotels’ group and provide clean and sanitised air conditioners call 1800 130 168.

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