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Reduce Aircon Power Bill- 5 free tips

Reduce Air Conditioning Running Costs!

Did you know, that cleaning your outdoor air conditioning condenser unit is important? And that regular cleaning can reduce your power bills and save you money. People tend to forget about the outdoor system because it is generally out of sight and out of mind. But after reading this… you may start taking better care of your unit!


5 Easy – Do It Yourself Aircon Tips to Save $$$$$


  1. Turn off your AC when mowing the lawn – Mowing the lawn can be a pain in itself, but having to mow the lawn and clean the outdoor system each time may be even more time-consuming. Consider turning your air con off whilst mowing the lawn, the outdoor unit sucks up the dirt, dust, grass clippings, weeds and whatever else gets blown its way clogging the condenser coils, reducing the efficiency and increasing running costs.


  1. Sweep up pet dander- Having dogs and cats live outside, means that their fur can be found all around the garden. The fur can also be easily sucked up by the outdoor system creating, what looks like a fur blanket on the side and back of the system. To avoid this, sweep up pet hair regularly which will make your system run more efficiently and avoid other possible costly issues.


  1. Avoid putting pot plants on the outdoor unit- Yes, plants make the unit look pretty! But… they also cause rust and in the long term actually make the system look old and outdated. Avoid placing anything on the outdoor unit to prolonging its lifespan and save you money on having to buy a new one sooner than originally planned. Another helpful way to avoid rust and prolong your unit’s life, is to wash it with mild soapy water and if you’re feeling up to it, polish the system with car polish, not only will it extend its life but it’ll be pleasing to the eye, especially if it is in a visible area.


  1. Avoid putting a shelter on the system- Homes that are near the ocean should especially avoid placing a shelter over their outside system or enclosing it in a box. People often think this will extend its shelf life, but actually, it will shorten it. Condensers are built for the outdoors and depend on rain to naturally cleanse them. When enclosed they are out of site and out of mind, corrosion in harsh environments such as coastal areas is a huge problem and it is made worse with minimal cleaning.


  1. Flush the coils regularly – Just as the rain naturally washes condenser units, you can hose down your outdoor air conditioning condenser, position your garden hose nozzle in a downward position to flush contaminants out of the coils. Clean the side and back of the unit from top to bottom for best results. Do not point your nozzle directly into the fan unit as you could possibly wet the condenser electronics which could result in damage.



Air conditioningRemember to turn the power isolation switch off before performing any cleaning on your air conditioning unit. Your isolating switch will typically be located on the wall within a couple of meters from your condenser unit. If you cannot locate an isolating switch you might have to isolate the power to your air conditioner by turning off the appropriate circuit or breaker in your power distribution/meter box.

These are just a few energy saving tips which will also help you extend the life of your aircon ultimately SAVING YOU $$$.  Another tip and possibly the most vital one is to have your indoor evaporator unit professionally cleaned and sanitised every 12 months. A Sanitair Premium Split System Clean ensures that all the critical components of your indoor evaporator are restored to like new condition. Components cleaned include the blower, coils, air well, Condensate drain & pan, evaporator filters and casing.

A Sanitair premium air conditioning clean has been proven to provide, better cooling, Increased airflow, quieter operation, odour reduction and a significant reduction in running costs. Best of all your Sanitair Premium Award-winning aircon clean is also covered with a national 12 Month Mould Free Guarantee.

Trusted experience Since 2005, To find out more about our Services, visit Sanitair Services today!

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Sanitair Enhanced Corrosion Protection

Beachside Holiday Apartments are improving their appearance!

Port Macquarie is an attractive holiday destination with a colourful history, abundant ocean and river fishing, ocean beaches with exceptional surfing spots, spectacular nature reserves and hiking trails. There are many activities to entertain the entire family.

Based at Flynn’s Beach, Port Macquarie is Beachside holiday apartments. Their spacious self-catering apartments come with all equipment and furnishings to make your holiday an unforgettable one. They offer a ‘home away from home’ experience with plenty of room for the whole family, home-cooked meals and stunning ocean views from your very own patio.

Sanitair’s local Port Macquarie/Taree technician, David Levy is currently treating the corrosion on the outdoor condenser units at Beachside Holiday Apartments. This service is known as the Sanitair Enhanced Corrosion Protection Service.

Condenser units remain outside and therefore are constantly exposed to the environment. The Sanitair ECP service has many benefits, which include: extended life of the equipment, improved visual appearance for customers, saving money in the long haul as it protects the unit from further corrosion.

If you have noticed rust corrosion on your outdoor systems, ask your local Sanitair technician about our Enhanced Corrosion Protection Service. Call 1800 130 168 or visit


Before and after a Sanitair Enhanced Corrosion Protection Service

Sanitair Enhanced Corrosion Protection Sanitair Enhanced Corrosion Protection

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Would you let a carpet cleaner clean your expensive air conditioner?

Well, if you had have heard the stories from some of our customer’s experiences you would probably answer no. Businesses are always looking for ways to increase revenues and whilst there is nothing wrong with this in principle, many expand by entering into markets that they know little or nothing about to the detriment of consumers and their property.

Over the last 14 years we have seen more and more companies offering air conditioning cleaning as an additional service to their core business. For example, the carpet cleaning industry is one market segment offering air conditioning cleaning with no specific industry-backed training or qualifications.

The cleaning of carpet is very different to the professional cleaning and sanitising of an air conditioner that contains expensive electronic and mechanical parts.


Aircon Cleaning Experiences

We have heard too many times from consumers that have had negative experiences with carpet cleaning companies who have been engaged to clean their air conditioner without knowing the questions to ask before they were engaged.

Many customers of these companies have experienced damaged to their air conditioners after receiving extremely poor and unprofessional aircon cleaning services. Unfortunately, with the majority of these bad consumer experiences, the companies involved did not accept responsibility and did not offer to repair the damage. Unprofessional companies choose to blame the equipment, customer and/or coincidence, leaving the customer with no choice but to pay for expensive repair bills.

The benefits of having your air conditioner professionally cleaned are numerous from better health, increased performance, quieter operation, odour reduction and reduced energy consumption.


If you are considering having your air conditioners professionally cleaned you need to ask yourself these questions;

  1. Does the provider have experience in Professional air conditioning cleaning and sanitising?
  2. How long has the provider been offering this clean?
  3. Does the service provider Guarantee their work?


Sanitair Australia offers over 14 years of experience

Sanitair Australia’s core business is air conditioning cleaning and sanitising, and have provided over 50,000 cleans for Domestic, Commercial and Government customers.

Sanitair™ Australia has been involved with air conditioning and indoor quality for over 15 years providing cleaning, sanitising of air conditioning along with indoor air quality sampling and analysis.

All Sanitair Technicians hold $20Million Public Liability Insurance and hold Police Check Certification.

To inquire further about a Sanitair AirCon Clean or to book Free Call 1800 130 168

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It’s a ‘no-brainer’ why you should clean your Air Con in Australia

Need a reason to clean your air con… Well here’s five!


1. Save $$$ on Electricity Bills!

Cooling systems take up a large portion of your monthly electrical consumption in Australia and with the price of electricity skyrocketing, we need easy ways to lower consumption. A contaminated air conditioning system uses more power because your unit works much harder to compensate for the reduced airflow and efficiency.

Get your AC unit serviced and it won’t need to work as hard and neither will you, to pay off your electricity bills.


2. Ensure your Aircon is working at 100% of its efficiency

In this hot weather, we can’t afford to have our air cons not functioning properly. So, allow your air con to work at its peak efficiency in the hotter months by ensuring that the critical components are cleaned correctly. Extreme heat can affect anybody, in particular, our senior citizens, who are at high risk of developing heat-related illnesses because of their inability to respond to summer heat. Another great benefit is that an air conditioner that is properly serviced also dehumidifies your home better, which results in less triggering of respiratory-related illnesses.


3. Avoid BIGGER problems in the future

Small air con problems may become bigger, more pricey problems in the near future, if not reported timeously. Our technicians may spot more serious issues whilst cleaning your air con, educating you on the state of your system. Maintain your air con consistently and reduce the risk of bigger, more serious issues. Don’t wait for the next Summer to maintain your air con, it may just be too late.


4. Improved health benefits

It is important for both kids and adults to live, study and work in healthy environments. Things like cigarette tar mould, dirt, dust, fungi, bacteria and pathogens etc are temperamental to our health.

“Biologically contaminated air conditioners can be serious health risks. A Sanitair premium award winning service will minimise the exposure and risk to room occupants.” ~ Dr John Darcy


5. Save time, Save energy, Save your air con

By hiring Sanitair Australia, a highly professional and specialised cleaning and sanitising company, it saves you time and energy trying to clean your air conditioner in your spare time, which unfortunately won’t be nearly as effective as hiring a professional. Not only does it save you time, in the long run, but you’ll also save money, benefit your health, reduce your electricity bill and increase the life span of your air conditioning equipment.


These are just a few of the many reasons why it is so vital to get your air cons professionally cleaned. Call one of our friendly staff members or technicians who are located throughout Australia on FREE CALL: 1800 130 168 who are happy to assist you with any requests you may have.

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Air Conditioning Cleaning & Asthma

Air Conditioning Cleaning and Asthma 

Respiratory conditions, like asthma, impair the normal functioning of the human airways. The airways include the lungs and the air passages that are responsible for transferring air from the nose and mouth to the lungs. These conditions can be acute (short term) or even chronic (long-lasting). They cause problems in breathing and lead to ill health. In severe cases, they can lead to disability or even death.

Air conditioning and asthma: Making the connection

Although there are many asthma triggers (things that can cause an asthmatic attack), the most common triggers are air impurities. While there is not much that can be done about the outdoor air, the quality of indoor is a totally different matter.

Poor indoor air quality

Poorly maintained air condition units provide poor indoor air that is not sanitised. This will facilitate the growth of mould, bacteria and fungi. Also, the number of impurities in the air will increase. All these are asthmatic triggers. This means that individuals that suffer from asthma are more likely to get attacks. This is a very terrifying fact considering that most people spend about 70-90 per cent of their time indoors. Mould Free Guarantee

Clean and Sanitised air

Indoor air quality is regulated by the air conditioning system. If the AC unit is well maintained and cleaned, then your home or property will have clean and sanitised air. This means that there will be no (or very small amounts of) impurities in your indoor air. This way, you can prevent or minimise attacks that occur due to poor indoor air quality.

In order to ensure that you have the best indoor air quality, your air conditioner system needs to be well maintained and cleaned by a Professional air conditioning cleaning technician.  A professional Aircon cleaning technician knows how to properly service and clean your AC system. He/she has specialised equipment and products to ensure that your air conditioner is cleaned properly producing the healthiest air possible.

Benefits of good air conditioning maintenance and cleaning

The benefits of good air conditioning are numerous. First, your home will smell cleaner and have healthier air to breathe. This will reduce the chances of asthmatic attacks to your loved ones. Second, your family will have better general health. Also, with reduced chances of asthmatic attacks from poor indoor air quality, you will be able to save more on medical costs and your family will have less asthma-caused sick days.

It is important that parents and homeowner realize how poor indoor air quality can adversely affect family members that are prone to asthmatic attacks. They should take the necessary steps to ensure that the air in their homes is clean and sanitised.

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