Sanitair Conference 2017

This week we saw the annual gathering of Sanitair technicians from all over Australia. It was a fantastic 4 days Sailing around the Pacific Ocean celebrating the growth of Sanitair and the addition of 15,000 happy new customers.

Sanitair are proud to be the original and the largest specialised air conditioning cleaning and sanitising provider in Australia, but we do not rest on our laurels. Like every previous Sanitair conference we all celebrated what we did right..( sometimes early into the morning).. and what we can do better to improve on the overall customer experience.

If one thing is evident Sanitair technicians get a lot right all over Australia and this is evident with now over 200 published 5 STAR Sanitair Reviews

It is inspiring to see a team that is so customer focused, professional, respectful and eager to continue to deliver the best service in Australia.

If you would like to experience the Sanitair difference FreeCall: 1800 130 168 Today and speak with your local technician.

Licensee Award Presentations 2016:

Sanitair National Winner 2016 John Fleayweb

National Licensee of the Year 2016: John Fleay – Sanitair Sunshine Coast

Sanitair Customer Service Award David ChenWeb

National Customer Service Award: David Chen – Sanitair Chatswood (as voted by the public)

Sanitair QLD NT winner Tony Evansweb

QLD/NT Licensee of the Year 2016 – Tony Evans – Sanitair Brisbane Inner Sth West

VIC/SA/TAS Licensee of the Year 2016: David McGlashan – Sanitair Adelaide Central

WA Licensee of the Year 2016: Brendan Donaldson – Sanitair Pilbara

Sanitair Shooting Star Award: Sanitair Central West NSW

Conference Gastby Group

Some of our amazing Sanitair licensees at the GATSBY Night – all dolled up!

View our short video of the 2017 Sanitair Conference on the Pacific Dawn CruiseShip! 

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Ahoy There! – Sanitair Northern Rivers

Sanitair Northern Rivers has spent a busy week on and around the water. His only complaint being, when he hopped off a trawler this week his bucket was full of dirty mouldy black water from the split system air conditioning cleaning service and not fresh prawns.

Along with the seafood processing plant aircon and fishing trawlers, this week Sanitair cleaned and sanitised several HVAC systems on the international tug boat “Kurutai” on its way back to New Zealand. Ensuring the crew have a mould free, clean healthy indoor air conditioning.

Working on marine vessels has its challenges with confined spaces, modified systems, fixed furnishings and high levels of contaminants due to the harsh environment. Sanitair technicians are highly trained professionals, resourceful and adaptable in any situation providing their specialist services to ensure the delivery of clean fresh air for occupants in any room be it on land or water.

trawler air con clean     fishing trawler HVAC wheelhouse

Mould removal should be your number one priority in any environment as soon as you see any biological growth. Mould is generally easily detected and removed, HVAC units and HVAC ducts are hidden areas where mould may grow unnoticed. Ducts and conduits become blocked with debris, germs, and invisible airborne particles, causing unhealthy and potentially dangerous conditions on marine vessels. Sanitair clean and sterilise air conditioning systems on marine vessels, providing healthier and safer work environments for the captain and crew.

Mould can cause unhealthy conditions for crew, Sanitair uses Asthma & Allergy friendly products and services to remove mould contamination from your vessels air ducts and HVAC systems, providing the crew with clean air – healthy crew and no loss of productivity.

To breath clean, healthy fresh air Call Sanitair Today on 1800 130 168

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