Air Con Cleaning Domestic

Average savings $200-$300 per room annually. Savings are based on an average 35sqm hotel room running a 7KW reverse cycle split system air conditioner 12 hours a day over one year @ 30 cents per KW.

Improvement in indoor air quality

Up to 28% reduction in energy usage

Quieter system operation

Reduced odours

Increased plant and equipment life

 Reduction of respiratory distress, such as asthma attacks

I regularly clean the filters in my heat pump (every second Sunday) but when told about Sanitair thought may as well give it a go. To my amassement and embarrassment the unit was filthy OMG. The local operator, John Crabtree did a great job cleaning my unit and I am more than happy with the outcome. John treated the job as if it was his own and I would recommend him and Sanitair to anyone. My unit is now able to heat at a lower temperature and be more cost efficient to run, even smells clean. (Aug 4, 2018 by Terry Reaney – Youngtown TAS )

Sanitair Benefits

 Run & Smell better

 Lower power bills

• Improved health

 Sanitair Technicians

 Fully insured & licensed

 Police checked & certified

 Working with children certified