12 Month Mould Free Guarantee
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Mould Free Guarantee

Sanitair® offers the following limited guarantee to purchasers of Sanitair® Premium Cleans performed by qualified Sanitair® HVAC Hygienists.

Sanitair Australia guarantees that treated indoor evaporator coils will remain free of active mould growth and colonisation for a period of 12 months from the date of treatment. If mould is found to be actively growing on the indoor evaporator coil within this period, Sanitair® will return to reclean and re-treat the contaminated coils at no cost to the customer.

The 12 Month Mould Free Guarantee only applies to active mould growth on the indoor evaporator coil and is not extended to low count mould spores filtered out of the air from another contaminated source. This guarantee also does not apply to mould found actively growing on plastic or polycarbonate air conditioning components, including evaporator casings, louvres, diffusers, filters, fans, airwells, condensate pans, and/or drains.

Important Note:

Currently, there are no safe products that can eliminate microbial growth on plastic components for a period of 12 months. Indoor air conditioning evaporators move hundreds of cubic feet of air every hour, filtering out airborne contaminants that quickly build up. These high levels of contaminants need to be removed frequently to eliminate potential food sources for microbial growth and outbreaks. The required cleaning frequency depends on usage, external sources, and other environmental factors. If you experience heavy contamination build-up within a 12-month period, please contact Sanitair for treatment options to ensure continued clean air is delivered for all room occupants.

Whilst we cannot currently guarantee your whole system will be Mould Free for a period of 12 Months, our evidence has shown us that stopping Mould growth on the coils contributes positively to reducing overall contamination levels compared to systems that have not had the coils treated.

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