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Terms and Conditions


Sanitair cannot be held responsible for any pre-existing condition that is not apparent upon visual inspection. These conditions may include but not be limited to:

Sanitair will only warrant claims with respect to workmanship of the services provided if the claim is reported within 7 days of completion of the work. In the event of a customer complaint, the customer undertakes to give Sanitair the opportunity to rectify all work.


Sanitair technicians will only provide outdoor condenser coil flushing where listed with a service if the condenser is mounted at ground level. All bracket and roof mounted condensers are required to have 2 technicians perform work at heights and therefore surcharges would apply.


Sanitair Guarantee the indoor Evaporator Coils to be mould free for a minimum period of 12 months on Premium Clean from the Date of Service. Customers must retain their Sanitair Tax Invoice as proof of purchase to honour any warranty claim

Warranty exemptions – Sanitair 12 month mould free warranty does not apply to air conditioners in kitchens, nicotine, rooms with high air-borne contaminants, beauty salons, tattoo parlours, hairdressers, massage therapy rooms, manufacturing plants, food production areas or bakeries.


Whilst Sanitair treatment and products do have deodorising effects, we do not guarantee against odours reoccurring.

Over many years the common source of odours has been proven to come from

A Sanitair premium clean will address most odour problems originating from biological contamination on evaporator coils.


If a payment is made by cheque then the customer guarantees that there are sufficient funds in the cheque account to meet the payment of the cheque. If, for any reason whatsoever the cheque is not honoured, then the customer will meet all additional costs incurred by the company.

The minimum charge to the customer for each dishonoured cheque will be $30.00.

If an account is given and payment is not made by the due date, or payment is dishonoured or otherwise, Sanitair reserves the right to charge a reasonable Administration Fee, in addition to all other costs associated with recovering the debt including, but not limited to, legal costs and debt recovery costs.

If payment is made by Credit Card and the transaction cannot be completed for any reason then payment will be considered to be “On Account” per the Terms and Conditions of this Invoice. If payment is made by credit card, the payment/s incurs a 1.5% merchant fee.


All pricing quoted is based on systems with low to moderate contamination levels

Please make sure there is clear and sufficient access below the indoor air conditioner for the technician to safely open up a ladder.

Surcharges can be applied to the following, but not limited to;


Sanitair reserves the right to charge customers a cancellation fee (minimum of $69) if adequate notice is not given for the cancellation of the booked job. Adequate notice is at least 4 hours prior to appointment time.


Sanitair reserves the right to redraw winners for any competition where the winner has not made contact within 3 days. Winners must redeem all prizes within 3 months if not noted in the competition terms and conditions or in the timeframe specified in the competition terms and conditions. Winner must be located within 15kms from the home base of the Sanitair technician running the competition, if it is not noted on the competition terms and conditions.


When stated on all advertising material the following conditions apply. Discounting of multiple systems is up to the individual licensee owner, technician or call centre operator. Discounting of multiple systems is not a requirement. All pricing is subject to inspection and additional charges may be incurred for highly contaminated systems, systems that are fitted higher than 2.4m from the floor, nicotine contaminated systems, oil contaminated systems normally located in or near kitchens/ beauty salons, removal or movement of furniture from the work area, and additional services. It is up to the individual technician, licensee owner or call centre operator to honour any kind of advertising material that has been retained by the customer and is out of date or proven by Sanitair’s records to be out of date, or if the advertising material is from another area, zone or state. Sanitair’s advertising material is distributed by a third party and Sanitair takes no responsibility for the misdistribution of these materials in any case.

(In the foregoing, the word “Sanitair” shall include “Servqual International Pty Ltd” and each and every one of that company’s “Sanitair” franchises).