How Dirty Air Conditioning Can Affect Your Pets Health

15 May 2024

Air Conditioners with mould and bacteria can have negative effect on your pets health. Sanitair can safely remove mould contamination ensuring you and your loved ones breathe clean healthy air.

10 Reasons Why AirCons Smell

01 May 2024

Air Conditioners smell from dirt, dust, mould and bacterial growth - releasing musty odours into your living space. Mould growth can pose serious health risks to you and your family.

Healhier More Efficient Home with Sanitair

30 Apr 2024

Healthy Indoor Air, The Key to a healthier more efficient home with Sanitair Premium AirCon Clean. Did you know we guarantee it, with certified technicians around Australia.

Cleaning Your Air Conditioner for a Healthier and More Efficient Winter

14 Mar 2024

The Solution: Professional Cleaning by Sanitair Technicians: To ensure your air conditioning system is ready for winter, it's recommended to seek the expertise of professionals. Contacting your closest Sanitair technician can make the process hassle-free 1800 130 168

Need a New Air Conditioner - It May Just Need a Clean

17 Dec 2023

Don't replace that old smelly AirCon, Sanitair® experts recommend getting a professional clean and sanitise to bring it back to new.

Increased Mould in Air Conditioners - Tips to Prevent Mould

07 Dec 2023

Sanitair® experts in cleaning and sanitising air conditioners can provide tips on how to prevent mould growth in air conditioners.

Can AirCons Make My Allergies Worse

10 Nov 2023

You may have a dirty Air Conditioner recirculating impurities back into the room that can trigger sneezing and other allergy symptoms.

How Often Should I Clean My Air Conditioner?

10 Nov 2023

Experts at Sanitair recommend a professional clean at least every 12 months to remove mould and bacterial contamination

Outdoor Air Conditoining Systems, Do They Need Cleaning?

17 Sep 2023

Over time, debris such as grass clippings, leaves, dirt, dust, and other particles can accumulate on the unit's coils/fins causing it to work less efficiently which will play a role in higher energy consumption and more expensive power bills

Hotel, Motel and Resort Air Conditioning – Are You Getting More than You Paid For?

19 Jun 2023

Have you ever checked into a Hotel, Motel or Resort room and found when the air conditioning was turned on that you were overwhelmed by a stale musty odour. You would have to agree it is extremely unpleasant and not what you paid for. Stale musty air is a pretty good indicator that the correct […]

Tips on how to save energy

19 Jun 2023

Tips on how to save energy: If you don’t have the luxury of Solar Panels on your home, there are other ways you can save on your energy bills. There are many things you can do to reduce your bills and your energy consumption. These range from costly measures, like retrofitting your home, to small […]

Healthy Air Conditioning – How to clean Mould safely

18 Feb 2023

Using toxic chemicals to clean an air conditioner can be harmful to you, your system and the environment. Certain chemicals, such as bleach or ammonia, can emit toxic fumes that can irritate your eyes, skin, and respiratory system. These chemicals can harm the surrounding ecosystem if they are not disposed of properly. Moulds when exposed […]

AirCon Cleaning Health Benefits

13 Feb 2023

Clean air conditioning is crucial for maintaining good health and well-being. Air conditioning systems, when properly maintained and cleaned, can help to reduce the spread of respiratory illnesses and other air-borne diseases. Moreover, the benefits of clean air conditioning are not just limited to the health sector, but they also impact the environment and quality […]

Cheap aircon cleaning – Is it worth the risk?

10 Feb 2023

Cheap Aircon Cleaning – Is it worth the Risk? Air conditioning units are an essential part of most homes in Australia, especially during the hot summer months. While cleaning your air conditioning unit may seem like a simple task, it is actually a complex and technical process that requires the expertise of a professional. With […]

How to Prepare Your Air Conditioner for Winter

11 Jun 2022

Winter has arrived, most areas have seen the temperature drop considerably and the snow fields have been dumped with up to a metre of fresh snow. The days grow shorter and the weather becomes chillier, many people are looking at ways to warm up their home more efficiently. Before you start using your air conditioner […]

Air Conditioning Cleaning Grooming Salons

06 Jun 2022

Air Conditioning Cleaning in Grooming Salons There’s no doubt about it – air conditioning is a life saver, especially during the hotter months. But what you may not know is that air conditioning can also be a life saver in a grooming salon. They help to keep the groomer cool and comfortable, and they also […]

Warming your home this Winter

16 May 2022

There’s nothing like a warm home in the winter. When the weather starts to turn cold, it’s time to start thinking about how to keep your home warm and toasty. With the rising costs of living, it is sad but staying warm is becoming a luxury for many and we must look at the most […]

Air Quality and the Elderly: Why you need to keep your air conditioner clean?

04 May 2022

After a lifetime of hard work and contributing to society, it’s important we respect and take care of our elderly citizens. Whether they live in a nursing home, a retirement village or live independently, we need to ensure our loved ones have fresh, clean air to live out the best of their golden days. Like young people, […]

Air Conditioners Submerged in Flood Waters

09 Mar 2022

Don’t be tempted to turn your air con on if it has been submerged in recent flood waters. Air conditioners are designed to withstand severe weather conditions. However, if the outdoor condenser unit (the system that sits outside your home) has been submerged in floodwater there is a high risk of internal damage. Some components […]

Nine NEWS – How to spot mould in your air conditioner

09 Sep 2021

In the News – How to spot mould in your air conditioner. Sanitair HVAC Hygienist Brian Curran was interviewed on Nine News along with other experts on how to spot mould in your air conditioner and the health effects of mould exposure. Mould exposure could be the cause of chronic condition or mysterious symptoms. If […]

Why is my AirCon Leaking?

13 Jan 2021

Why is my Air Conditioner Leaking? One problem nearly all conditioning users and owners encounter at one time or another is a leaking air conditioner. Leaks are annoying, inconvenient and can be dangerous. The cause of 9 out of 10 leaking air conditioners is due to a physical blockage in the condensate line. These blockages […]

Wet Weather – How to Combat Mould

04 Jan 2021

High levels of rainfall in most parts of the country will see a high level of mould in our homes, bathrooms, air conditioners and may even venture into parts of the home that wouldn’t normally get mould. Did you know that with every basket of wet laundry up to 5 litres of water vapour is […]

Award Winnning Team Sanitair Newman

13 Sep 2020

The Newman Chamber of Commerce and Industry Business Excellence Awards 2020 Under the Stars was held last night at Fortescue Golf Club in Newman. Highlighting and celebrating the achievements and success of small and medium businesses in Newman. Presenters from BHP and the Newman Chamber of Commerce & Industry engaged audiences with speeches and words of […]

Healthy Hotel Surfers Paradise

10 Sep 2020

Another big thank you goes out to MARRAKESH APARTMENTS located in Surfers Paradise for engaging Sanitair to clean and sanitise the air conditioners, so that their customers can breathe Clean Fresh Air Let’s holiday in QLD this year and support local business… So if you are looking for luxury, convenience and location, Marrakesh Apartments has […]

Sanitair® is COVID Safe!

03 Aug 2020

We’re pleased to announce that all of our Sanitair® sites are now registered as COVID Safe businesses. The COVID Safe program, formally recognises businesses that are playing their part to keep the community safe from coronavirus. As part of our commitment to protecting the health of our customers and staff, we have prepared a detailed […]

WHO – Emerging evidence virus spreads through the air

13 Jul 2020

WHO has issued new advice after it can’t rule out airborne spread of COVID. WHO acknowledges the possibility that outbreaks in restaurants, choirs and fitness centres around the world were the result of some aerosol transmission. Guy Marks, an epidemiologist and respiratory physician at the University of New South Wales says, Given the likelihood […]

HVAC Hygiene during COVID-19

09 Apr 2020

HVAC Hygiene During COVID-19 Article AIRAH – Australian Institute of Refrigeration Air Conditioning and Heating. AIRAH has highlighted the importance of maintaining HVAC and other building services – even if premises are temporarily unoccupied. Across Australia, offices and other commercial buildings have emptied out as organisations shut down or staff work from home due to […]

Clean Air is Crucial for Student Success

26 Aug 2019

Indoor Air Quality – In a year children will spend an average of 1,300 hours in school buildings, where teachers, administrators and other school personnel will concentrate on helping them learn and grow. That means more than just developing curriculum. It also means making sure their schools provide a safe, healthy environment. Over the years, […]

Private Hospital with Lots of Extras!

09 Aug 2019

Do you think hospital air conditioning should be hygienic? Recently one of our directors was admitted to one of the best private hospitals in the country with a respiratory / lung infection. To his complete disgust, whilst being transferred from the emergency department to the ward, he could not believe his eyes looking up at […]

Why Does Your Air Conditioner Smell?

30 May 2019

Why does your Air Conditioner Smell? This is a pretty common problem and after 15+ years of inspecting and cleaning over 100,000 air conditioners, Sanitair has identified nearly every issue that can lead to a bad smelling air conditioner. History has shown us that the source of air conditioning odours come from one of four […]

Sanitair Official Supplier Lendlease

20 May 2019

Sanitair announces it is an official supplier for Lendlease! Sanitair are pleased to announce they are an official supplier for Lendlease Rewards program which is designed for all residents and staff of Lendlease Retirement Living Villages across Australia. If you are a Lendlease Member please freecall 1800 130 168 to speak with your local technician and […]

Can Your AirCon Handle the Heat?

22 Jan 2019

Australians love to take advantage of the great outdoors. Due to the extreme temperatures felt across Australia over the last few weeks, many families are just as content to enjoy their holidays at home, away from the outdoor heat. Taking the time to relax and enjoy some quality moments with the kids before the school […]

Dust Storms = Health Issues

26 Nov 2018

Recent Dust Storms can cause ongoing Health Issues The recent dust storms experienced in the Southern Eastern Australian states was a combination of strong winds and our drought affected lands. Unfortunately, this combination had a very serious side with Asthma and Allergy sufferers being exposed to what can be a deadly trigger. Now that the […]

Indoor Air Quality Can Affect Your Baby

07 Nov 2018

How Indoor Air Quality Can Affect Your Baby Infants and children inhale and retain larger amounts of air pollution per unit of body weight than adults; in fact, the air intake of a resting infant is twice that of an adult. Their narrow bronchioles are more likely to be constructed in response to environmental irritants […]

Classroom Air Quality, A Growing Concern

05 Nov 2018

By Craig Jefferies, Sanitair School News Magazine – TERM 3 – 2016 Indoor air quality is a growing problem in our schools, and students, staff and visitors are being exposed unnecessarily. It is a well-known fact that most people spend 90 percent of their days indoors. A study of human exposure to indoor air pollutants […]

Gyms, Not a Breath of Fresh Air

05 Oct 2018

Is the air quality at your gym toxic? How our breathing is affected when we exercise? Two of the most important organs we use when exercising: our hears and our lungs. Our lungs bring oxygen into our body, to provide energy and remove carbon dioxide. Our heart pumps the oxygen around our body to the […]

Tips on Cleaning Your Air Conditioner

21 Sep 2018

Tips on How to Clean Your Air Conditioner! Over time dust, dirt, and debris build up in your reverse cycle air conditioning unit and as a result, your costs for cooling/heating your home/office or electricity bill go through the roof. This build up in the air conditioning system causes the air conditioner to be less […]

History of Legionnaires Disease

02 Aug 2018

Mystery Illness Kills Legionnaires The History of Legionnaire’s Disease. Philadelphia, 1976 July 21st 1976, the American Legion held its annual conference at the Bellevue-Stratford Hotel in Philadelphia. 2,000 ‘legionnaires’ (as they’re called) gathered to celebrate the 200th anniversary of The Declaration of Independence. Bellevue-Stratford Hotel, 1976. Ray Brennan was the Legion’s bookkeeper and an Air Force […]

Buy a Bale – Sanitair Lake Macquarie and Sanitair Central Coast donating $20 for every premium clean in August

01 Aug 2018

Buy A Bale – for drought affected farmers. So many farmers out there are doing it really tough at the moment, Trent and Elisa Barnett from Sanitair Lake Macquarie and Sanitair Central Coast are donating $20 for every Premium HVAC Hygiene service in August to help raise vital funds for Rural Aid. The not-for-profit organisation does […]

Simple Aircon Habits to Save You Money.

07 Jun 2018

Small changes to your air conditioning habits actually Save you money! In winter most will set their air conditioner around the high twenty range to keep the room cosy. The high twenty range setting could be costing you, and a small change to your air conditioner temperature setting can $ave you money! We have sourced […]

Save Money on Heating Your Home

06 Jun 2018

Electricity prices have all of us looking at ways to reduce energy consumption. Here are some ways to save Money on heating your home. House occupants are advised to install double glazed windows, insulation and replace old air conditioners. Apart from those often expensive tips, here are a few affordable options; Thick curtains – The […]

Melbourne women develops auto-immune disease from MOULD in her air conditioner

06 Jun 2018

A 34-year-old high school PE teacher developed lesions all over her skin after moving into a brand-new apartment in trendy Melbourne suburb of Prahran in April 2014. Carly Buhagiar had no idea how disastrous the place would be for her health, she was diagnosed with depression, anxiety and autoimmune condition that left her so exhausted […]

Teen Challenge 2018 Diamond Gala Dinner – Celebrating 60 Years

04 Jun 2018

Saturday night was a great celebration and recognition for the dedicated team and the awesome job they do at Teen Challenge. The 2018 Diamond Gala Dinner, celebrating 60 years was a great success and raised much-needed funds for a very worthwhile cause which was validated with some awesome success stories from some very amazing people. […]

Queensland Government Energy Efficient Appliance Rebate

22 May 2018

Queenslander’s investing in energy-saving appliances may be eligible for a rebate of up to $300. As part of the Queensland state government’s Affordable Energy Plan, customers from the Sunshine State will be eligible to receive a rebate on the purchase of a new appliance with a four-star energy rating or higher. You have until 3rd […]

Cleaning up the Air on the Coffs Coast!

27 Apr 2018

John Winnacott is a local Sanitair™ HVAC Hygienist based in Coffs Harbour. The Coffs Coast can now breathe easy knowing John is on the job cleaning up the air on the Coffs Coast and improving the indoor air quality for residents, employers and employees and their guests. Recently John was employed to clean and sanitise […]

Oyez, Oyez, Oyez!

13 Apr 2018

Clean air now! for every Woman, Man and Child in Canberra Official Canberra Town Crier Joseph McGrail-Bateup is now also proclaiming the many benefits of Sanitair™ Canberra Residents, Employees, Businesses Owners, Students and Visitors to the city have now been granted the freedom and opportunity to breathe clean healthy air indoors. It is with great […]

Going for Gold! GO Team Nicolson

06 Apr 2018

The Commonwealth Games have started and we are all behind our Aussie Athletes. With the games in the Sanitair Head office back yard, things are very exciting as most of the action is close to home. The Sanitair family feels even closer to the action with the Sister of Sanitair Gold Coast North licensee Allan […]

What’s Hiding Under Your Hood?

25 Jan 2018

When you last time you looked under the Hood? Overtime your air conditioner will accumulate a build up of dust, dirt, DNA, pet dander and any other airbourne particle it has filtered from the indoor air. This will build up on the filters and on the indoor coils of your air conditioner. Your air conditioner […]

Aircon Energy Saving Tips

22 Dec 2017

Simple Aircon Energy Saving Tips Air Con setting: Set your air conditioner on 25°C and you will save $$$$$. The higher your setting the more money you will save. Visit the Ergon Energy Calculator and see how much you can save. Insulation: If the room you are trying to cool is not insulated, your air conditioner […]

The law catches up with Sanitair Townsville!

13 Dec 2017

North Queensland’s $4M Floating Police Station gets the full Premium Sanitair Clean and Sanitise and is once again fit for duty. Commissioned in December 2014 and named the Brett Irwin, in honour of Constable Brett Andrew Irwin who was fatally shot at Keperra in 2007, the vessel is, without doubt, one of the best-equipped police […]

What’s involved in a Sanitair Premium Clean & Sanitise?

30 Nov 2017

Sanitair™ Premium Aircon Clean & Sanitise What do you get for your money? A local Sanitair™ HVAC Hygienist will travel to your home or business. All Sanitair technicians are professionally trained, locally owned, insured and police checked. Our technicians are courteous, respectful and will leave no mess. Carry out a Functionality & Operational Test […]

Clean Fresh Air and a great VUE!

10 Nov 2017

I am sure you would all agree that blue skies, warm weather, luxury accommodation and beautiful island views from your accommodation or swimming pool can make for a fantastic holiday. For many of us tropical balmy nights can make it uncomfortable to get a good night’s sleep so when booking accommodation, air conditioning is a must. […]

Is Your AirCon Haunted? 👻😱

31 Oct 2017

Is your Aircon Haunted? 👻😱 Win a FREE Air Con Exorcism Value $145.00* Is your air conditioner starting to look like the inside of a Haunted House? Are you hearing unusual scary, spooky and ghostly noises coming from inside? Are you frightened to open the front door not knowing what evil lurks inside? Can you […]

How much does your air conditioner cost to run?

27 Oct 2017

With energy prices at an all-time high, this is the question on everyone’s minds. On hot days we all turn on the air-con trying to keep cool, yet some of us don’t due to high energy costs and not knowing exactly how much more it will cost to keep us cool. How much is it […]

Queensland Government plan to enforce aircon cap of 26 degrees during hot days.

16 Oct 2017

The weather conditions for summer are expected to be higher than average and heatwaves are a given for Queenslanders. The government may enforce consumers to keep air conditioning during these HOT summer days set on 26°C to avoid the large-scale blackouts across the region. Although Government’s Energy Security Taskforce’s Summer Preparedness Plan Brochure states: “ […]

Have You Met Australia’s Biggest Bogan?

09 Oct 2017

Our friendly Sanitair Central West NSW Technician Johno has! The Big Bogan in the town of Nyngan stands proud with his mullet, stubbies, singlet and a Southern Cross tattoo. A fishing enthusiast, this five-metre tall icon stands with his fishing rod, his catch of the day and an esky at his thonged feet. Proud to […]

Sanitair Has Got You Covered Australia!

27 Sep 2017

Australia is such a large and diverse country and Sanitair head office staff are reminded of this daily when speaking with our friendly technicians from all around the country. Being the largest air conditioning cleaning and sanitising provider in Australia, we have local technicians located in every state and territory of Australia. A normal day […]

Don’t Lose Your Cool This Summer

26 Sep 2017

As the weather warms up and summer approaches, now is a good time to make sure your air conditioner is running at its’ best. One easy way is to clean the filters, this will instantly improve the airflow. Dirty filters hamper the efficiency of your air conditioner and can increase energy costs by 10%. This […]

Reduce Aircon Power Bill- 5 free tips

11 Sep 2017

Reduce Air Conditioning Running Costs! Did you know, that cleaning your outdoor air conditioning condenser unit is important? And that regular cleaning can reduce your power bills and save you money. People tend to forget about the outdoor system because it is generally out of sight and out of mind. But after reading this… you […]

Oaks Pacific Blue Salamander Bay, creating a healthier environment for guests with Sanitair™

04 Sep 2017

Port Stephens is the perfect place to get in touch with nature, or an idyllic beach getaway, with it’s combination of sandy beaches, national parklands and rugged coastline. Swimming, snorkeling, kayaking, surfing, local produce, quality wines and craft beers are just a few of the popular activities enjoyed by locals and visitors. Oaks Pacific Blue […]

Beachside Holiday Apartments are improving their appearance!

28 Aug 2017

Port Macquarie is an attractive holiday destination with a colourful history, abundant ocean and river fishing, ocean beaches with exceptional surfing spots, spectacular nature reserves and hiking trails. There are many activities to entertain the entire family. Based at Flynn’s Beach, Port Macquarie is Beachside holiday apartments. Their spacious self-catering apartments come with all equipment and […]

Sanitair Air Con Cleaning Ronald McDonald House

21 Aug 2017

David McGlashan from Sanitair Adelaide was recently contacted by Ronald McDonald House Adelaide in relation to cleaning and sanitising the hi-wall split system air conditioners in their family apartment complex. Sanitair has previously provided HVAC Hygiene remediation for Ronald McDonald House in NSW and Adelaide was also keen to experience the improved air quality as […]

Sanitair Conference 2017

04 Aug 2017

This week we saw the annual gathering of Sanitair technicians from all over Australia. It was a fantastic 4 days Sailing around the Pacific Ocean celebrating the growth of Sanitair and the addition of 15,000 happy new customers. Sanitair are proud to be the original and the largest specialised air conditioning cleaning and sanitising provider in […]

Ahoy There! – Sanitair Northern Rivers

28 Jul 2017

Sanitair Northern Rivers has spent a busy week on and around the water. His only complaint being, when he hopped off a trawler this week his bucket was full of dirty mouldy black water from the split system air conditioning cleaning service and not fresh prawns. Along with the seafood processing plant aircon and fishing […]

Sanitair donates funds to Cystic Fibrosis Australia’s research for a cure!  

27 Jul 2017

May was National Cystic Fibrosis Awareness Month. Across the country, thousands of volunteers came together to raise awareness about this devastating disease and share their story of hope and progress. Cystic Fibrosis (CF) is a relatively common inherited disease in which from infancy there are recurrent chest infections causing lung damage, intestinal malabsorption leading to […]

Ways to reduce mould in your home and office

26 Jul 2017

Mould needs moist warm conditions and a food source. That food source may be carpets, flooring, aircons or anything the organism can grow on. Air conditioners are the perfect breeding ground. How can mould affect us? Common symptoms include headaches, achy joints, asthma, fatigue, sinus, respiratory infections, skin infections and anxiety. According to NSW Health, […]

Would you let a carpet cleaner clean your expensive air conditioner?

19 Jul 2017

Well, if you had have heard the stories from some of our customer’s experiences you would probably answer no. Businesses are always looking for ways to increase revenues and whilst there is nothing wrong with this in principle, many expand by entering into markets that they know little or nothing about to the detriment of […]

Has your office aircon had its winter flu shot yet?

14 Jun 2017

There are a number of questions that employees should be asking themselves if they are often exposed to air conditioning at work. Alongside, these questions, we should know our human rights. According to WHO (World Health Organisation), all people have a fundamental right to breathe clean air! That means that whether you work in an […]

Air Conditioning, the Most Economic Way to Heat your Home

06 Jun 2017

Your air conditioner – the most economical way to heat your home Air Conditioners are usually perceived to be very expensive to run. With the introduction of inverter air conditioners, this is no longer the case. In most cases, your air conditioner will be the most energy efficient way to heat or cool your home. It […]

What causes smelly air conditioning?

01 Jun 2017

“There’s a really bad smell coming from my air conditioner, what is it from?” This is a question we hear from our customers on a regular basis. Smelly air conditioning units can be caused by mould and mildew that accumulate from condensation on the air conditioner coils, or a clogged drain pan or a leak […]

Sanitair Supports Cystic Fibrosis Awareness

17 May 2017

What is Cystic Fibrosis? Cystic Fibrosis (CF) is a relatively common inherited disease in which from infancy there are recurrent chest infections causing lung damage, intestinal malabsorption leading to severe malnutrition and growth failure, and there is an excess of salt in the sweat. Untreated, the condition is usually fatal in infancy or early childhood. […]

Does your insurance company cover negligence?

10 May 2017

What Is The Insurance Definition Of Negligence? “Negligence is a failure to act in a way that a reasonable person would when faced with the same situation/circumstance. In insurance, the policy holder might be negligent, or it might be another party.” ~ The balance If you enquire whether an insurance company covers fire/flood and escaping water in homes, it’s safe to say […]

Heat Pump Cleaning

04 May 2017

Heat Pumps also known as reverse cycle air conditioners, are a very efficient form of domestic heating. For climates with moderate heating and cooling needs, heat pumps offer an energy-efficient alternative to electric heaters or air conditioners. Facts about Heat Pumps Heat Pumps do not generate their own heat. The outside air contains heat […]

Can dirty air conditioning units cause fires?

06 Apr 2017

Dirty and Contaminated air conditioners can cause air conditioning units to catch alight. Fire is highly dangerous as it puts lives at risk and creates serious damage. According to 7 news, recently “a man had burns to his feet after rescuing his children from the second storey of a flaming Melbourne house. The father-of-three ran upstairs to […]

World Health Day- 7 April 2017

03 Apr 2017

How so many of us miss the basics of simple hygiene! ~ Dr John D’Arcy “There is nothing as constant as change”. I think we all agree. Close your eyes for just a minute and change happens. It might be as simple as realising that the size of the containers which contain your peanut butter […]

Are schools interested in improving classroom air quality?

20 Mar 2017

Indoor air quality is a growing concern in our schools. Staff members, students and visitors are being exposed to unnecessary germs, which include; mould, bacteria, dirt, mites, mice, biofilms, faeces, and geckos which can cause a variety of sicknesses, including respiratory problems. According to Asthma Australia, 1 in 9 Australians have asthma – around 2.5 million […]

Youi Insurance Head Office takes out Sanitair insurance!

09 Mar 2017

Youi Insurance understands the real costs of contaminated air conditioning and has taken out a small (IAQ) Indoor Air Quality insurance policy called Sanitair. Employers want to create a happy and healthy work environment When you have a workplace of over 1000 staff working closely, indoor air quality is important. Airborne pathogens can move rapidly […]

Mould outbreak forces shutdown of Ipswich Hospital intensive care unit

06 Mar 2017

A mould outbreak inside Ipswich Hospital’s intensive care unit has prompted staff to relocate six patients while the unit is shut down so the source of the problem can be removed. The problem was first discovered by staff in offices connected to the hospital’s intensive care unit (ICU) in April 2015. The mould was treated, […]

Sanitair Cairns reports for Duty on Reef Ranger

01 Mar 2017

Even at sea, indoor air quality is as important as a fresh sea breeze. Staff and visitors on board the Queensland Parks & Wildlife Cairns based patrol vessel, “Reef Ranger” now breathe with ease. This is the second time that the team from Sanitair™ Cairns have completely cleaned and sanitised the air conditioning systems on […]

‘World’s Greatest Shave’

23 Feb 2017

Sanitair is supporting the World’s Greatest Shave again this year, are you? What is World’s Greatest Shave? The Leukaemia Foundation is hosting World’s Greatest Shave from 16-19 March 2017 to help make a difference in Aussie families who are living with blood cancer. Blood cancer is the third most common cause of cancer death […]

It’s a ‘no-brainer’ why you should clean your Air Con in Australia

22 Feb 2017

Need a reason to clean your air con… Well here’s five! 1. Save $$$ on Electricity Bills! Cooling systems take up a large portion of your monthly electrical consumption in Australia and with the price of electricity skyrocketing, we need easy ways to lower consumption. A contaminated air conditioning system uses more power because […]

Are our senior citizens at high risk?

10 Feb 2017

Extreme heat can affect anybody, our senior citizens are at high risk of developing a heat-related illness because of their inability to respond to summer heat… Check-in on elderly relatives and neighbours this weekend… For the elderly who do not have air conditioning, make sure they are keeping hydrated – offer fluids water, fruit and […]

Sanitair Announces National Partnership with The Good Guys

11 Jan 2017

We are excited and pleased to announce that from January 2017 Sanitair Standard and Premium Services can be purchased through The Good Guys stores nationwide. The next time you are in your local Good Guys store, ask a friendly staff member about concierge air conditioning cleaning services. Air Conditioner Cleaning Service Air Conditioners […]

Does Your Air Conditioner Need Replacing or Does it Just Need a Good Clean?

17 Nov 2016

Six signs that you need your air conditioner cleaned An air con can make life so much more comfortable. But like all appliances, air conditioners have a limited lifespan. Here are 6 signs that you need to clean your air conditioner. 1. It’s not cooling like it used to A well maintained and regularly cleaned air conditioner […]

Sanitair Australia Announces New National Specialist Medical Advisor

13 Sep 2016

Sanitair Australia is delighted to announce new specialist medical advisor Dr John D’Arcy. Dr John is Australia’s original television doctor and is leading the way in health care information and broadcasting. Australian television has been airing Dr John for more than 30 years on our screens as the ‘most trusted and well-loved oracle of family medicine’. Dr […]

Sanitair Australia enters Agreement with Electrolux Home Products Pty Ltd

10 Aug 2016

Sanitair Australia enters Agreement Sanitair Australia is pleased to announce that they have entered into an agreement with Electrolux Home Products Pty Ltd. Sanitair will provide their award-winning air conditioning cleaning services for Kelvinator products Australia wide. If you currently own a Kelvinator air conditioner, now is a great time to take advantage of huge […]

Deputy Prime Minister and Senator Fiona Nash visit the Sanitair Training Centre

12 May 2016

Management was applauded for their contribution to Australian innovation and jobs creation since 2005. Senator Fiona Nash, the Minister for Rural Health and former Assistant Minister for Health commended Sanitair Australia on their Award Winning Air Conditioning Cleaning System and for providing better indoor air quality and energy savings for their residential and commercial customers around […]

Sanitair – Preferred Supplier in the Resort Industry

27 Apr 2016

The preferred supplier in the Accommodation industry for Air Conditioning Maintenance is Sanitair Australia. As the most trusted in Australia servicing over 50,000 customers annually. Sanitair has over 50 technicians located throughout Australia in every state and territory. Not everyone is welcome, only those suppliers who have been recommended by owners and managers in the resort industry as […]

Sanitair National Licensee Awards 2015

29 Feb 2016

Sanitair’s 2016 South East Queensland Conference held at Twin Towns on the 26th February was the platform for this year’s National Licensee Awards. Congratulations to all our Sanitair Licensees who have between them conducted over 22,000 services nationally in 2015. A special mention to Sanitair Perth and Sanitair Geelong who were unable to join us […]

Are your children being exposed to abuse and nasty pathogens?

29 Feb 2016

Are your children being exposed to abuse and nasty pathogens? Unfortunately the sad truth is in too many instances they are! Every week Sanitair technicians are reporting cases of Air Conditioning Abuse in our Day cares, Preschools and Schools. We applaud our carers and educators who take a pro active approach to Indoor Air Quality. […]

TAFE Qld Students and Staff to Breathe Cleaner Air!

10 Dec 2015

TAFE Qld Students and Staff to Breathe Cleaner Air! December 2015 sees a new partnership between Sanitair® Australia and TAFE Qld East Coast to improve operating efficiency and indoor air quality at all campuses. Students will be returning in the new year to a cleaner healthier learning environment. TAFE Queensland are to be congratulated on […]

Ensuring all Air Cons around Australia a Clean Bill of Health

09 Sep 2015

Ensuring all Air Cons around Australia a Clean Bill of Health… The Sanitair® Training Centre was in full swing again this week, running our latest technicians through their paces. Sanitair® training the technicians with the latest techniques and products to ensure all your air conditioners around Australia are given a Clean Bill of Health. Sanitair® technicians […]

School Indoor Air Quality

06 May 2015

Excited, nervous or a little scare and maybe a little sad that students have returned back to school for another term. While most of us are aware that air pollution can affect our health, only a small amount of us realise that indoor air quality can have significant health effects. Students spend a lot of […]

Switch Off and Save Energy

03 Apr 2015

Reduce energy consumption, switch off and save energy over the holiday period by switching off all electrical appliances that you don’t need on standby while you are away. Want to know how to save energy in your home? If you are going away over the Easter holidays or long weekend, turn everything off that doesn’t need […]

Why it is Important to Clean Your Room Air Conditioning Systems

24 Mar 2015

Why it is Important to Clean Your Room Air Conditioning Systems Fungi and moulds are an important part of the natural world, often forming complex relationships with other plants or animals. Most are invisible to the human eye, under favourable conditions many can grow rapidly. These growths contain spores – the next generation of fungi […]

What Does Your Dirty Air Conditioner Cost You Per Year?

20 Mar 2015

What is your Dirty Air Conditioner Cost You Per YEAR! The air conditioning system draws the air from inside the room and recirculates it back into the room. The air contains an array of contaminants such as dust, dirt, pet dander and bacteria; some of this accumulates on the indoor coils. The indoor coil’s job […]

Tips on Keeping Your Split System Air Conditioner in Excellent Condition

19 Mar 2015

Tips on Keeping Your Spilt System Air Conditioner in Excellent Condition Most people today want to save costs on repairs by knowing ways to keep their air conditioning system in good condition. Here are a few options that will help the split system air conditioner keep up during the times when you need it most. […]

Sanitair – New Corporate Head Office Opens

17 Mar 2015

Sanitair has completed an office relocation to gather all departments under one roof, having previously operated training and administration from separate locations. The new Head office facility has been purpose built to meet the growth requirements of Sanitair nationwide. Located in Tweed Heads South Located in Tweed Heads South, Unit 2, 54-60 Industry Drive, Tweed […]

Energy Solutions For Your Business

20 Feb 2015

For modern businesses, air conditioners can be one of the biggest users of power. Which is why the cleaning maintenance is the most effective way to reduce energy consumption and improve indoor air quality for all room occupants. You can improve the existing HVAC system to improve heating and cooling performance – saving your business […]

Dirty Air Conditioner Fire Risk.

07 Jan 2015

Dirty Air Conditioner Likely Cause For Fire in Gold Coast Unit Complex A fire at a unit complex on January 2 on the Gold Coast is believed to have started in an over-worked air conditioner at the complex. Like any electrical appliance, maintenance is important to run air conditioners safely and efficiently and it is […]

Shop Local

01 Dec 2014

Shop Local – Support Local Businesses, Get Better Service and Improve your Local Economy! Locals recognise that small businesses are a vital cog in the local economic wheel. Local Small Businesses play an important part in the community and if you only spent $100 a year in your local small business rather than the multinational, […]

Air Conditioner Clean Will SAVE You Money

28 Nov 2014

Air Conditioner Clean Will SAVE You Money! Sanitair™ full-service air conditioner clean will SAVE YOU MONEY, by removing the years of contamination build up on the indoor air conditioner coils, the air will be able to pass through easier making your system run more efficiently. With a Sanitair™ comprehensive service you save money and protect your […]

Energy Savings

16 Sep 2014

Energy Savings from Air Conditioner Cleaning Services Sanitair™ Licensed and Fully Qualified in Air Conditioning Cleaning Service – Domestic and Commercial. Sanitair™ is locally owned and operated. We can rid your air conditioning unit of dirt, mould, dust, grime, pollen, fungus and harmful bacteria that you can’t see. This is found deep within your air […]

Good Customer Service

05 Sep 2014

Good customer service is the lifeblood of any business You can offer promotions and slash prices to bring in as many new customers as possible. Unless we understand ‘good customer service’, get our customers to return, and employ our services again, our business will not be profitable for long. All Sanitair™ owned and operated licensees […]

Do you know how to identify if someone is experiencing an Asthma attack?

01 Sep 2014

An asthma attack is a sudden worsening of asthma symptoms caused by the tightening of muscles around your airways (bronchospasm). During the asthma attack, the lining of the airways also becomes swollen or inflamed and thicker mucus — more than normal — is produced. All of these factors — bronchospasm, inflammation, and mucus production — […]

Sanitair Opens on Fraser Coast

18 Aug 2014

Sanitair is now servicing Fraser Coast and the surrounding areas. FREECALL 1800 130 168 and enter your postcode to locate your local licensed and fully qualified air conditioning cleaning & sanitising technician. Reduce Energy Costs by up to 28% by having all mould and bacterial contamination removed from deep within your air conditioning system. Reduce the […]

Air Conditioning Maintenance in Child Care Centres

16 Aug 2014

Importance of providing healthy air in Child Care Centres There are many impurities that affect air quality. Poor indoor air quality (IAQ) is widespread and causes many health risks. Educational institutions, like schools and preschools, are also affected. Children are at risk of falling ill due to impurities in the air they breathe at school. […]

Sanitair Servicing Sydney

11 Aug 2014

Sanitair Servicing Sydney – Sanitair™ Sydney opens with our local Licensed Technicians Sanitair™ is Australia’s Leading Air Conditioning Cleaning & Sanitising Company, offering a Nationwide 12 Month Mould FREE Guarantee. We do more than just clean the filters! Sanitair™ professional Machine Clean the air conditioning system and remove all mould and bacterial contamination. FREECALL 1800 130 168 and […]

Does you Air Conditioner Leak?

28 Jul 2014

Does You Air Conditioner Leak? Leaking air conditioners cause damage and can happen at any time. Years of experience tell us that air conditioners leak predominantly at the beginning of summer and without warning. As soon as the weather starts to warm up and as we swap our air conditioner mode from heating to cooling […]

Air Conditioning Cleaning and Allergic Rhinitis – Hay Fever

23 Jul 2014

Clean, healthy Sanitised air is important because it impacts our health. However, air quality is of an even greater concern to people living with – or affected by – chronic respiratory conditions. One of the most common chronic respiratory conditions in Australia is allergic rhinitis affecting about 15% of the population. It is also commonly […]

Air Conditioning Cleaning & Asthma

21 Jul 2014

Air Conditioning Cleaning and Asthma Respiratory conditions, like asthma, impair the normal functioning of the human airways. The airways include the lungs and the air passages that are responsible for transferring air from the nose and mouth to the lungs. These conditions can be acute (short term) or even chronic (long-lasting). They cause problems in […]

Air Conditioning Cleaning in Rental Properties

25 Jun 2014

Clean Air Conditioning and Rental Properties There are many things that should be considered before signing a lease. However, one of the most ignored things is the state of the air conditioning systems. Before one can sign a lease for an apartment, or any other real estate property, they should evaluate the state of the AC unit. […]

Air Conditioning Cleaning Toowoomba Sanitair Opens

19 Jun 2014

Sanitair™ opens in Toowoomba, our locally owned and operated Licensed Sanitair™ operator is Brian Curran. All technicians hold a Sanitair™ License, a national Police Clearance certificate and safety work method training. Call Brian Curran on 1800 130 168 for a FREE Health Assessment and rest assured you have a nationwide 12-month mould free guarantee. A Sanitair™ Air […]