Does you Air Conditioner Leak?

Does You Air Conditioner Leak?

Leaking air conditioners cause damage and can happen at any time. Years of experience tell us that air conditioners leak predominantly at the beginning of summer and without warning. As soon as the weather starts to warm up and as we swap our air conditioner mode from heating to cooling many aircon users experience leaking and unfortunately the damage to furniture, carpets and expensive electronics.

Why do air conditioners leak more as soon as summer hits?

This can be attributed to reverse cycle air conditioners and directly with how they function. If you are an air conditioner owner you probably will have noticed the small drain pipe ( condensation drain) located mostly near the outdoor system. Have you noticed during winter no water comes out of this drain…. during winter you will notice the water leaks from under the outdoor condensing unit. This is normal and because the cycle has been reversed for winter and in effect, the indoor and outdoor units operation have been swapped. In winter the indoor evaporator becomes a condensing unit instead of the outdoor unit blowing out hot air the indoor unit now blows hot air and the outdoor unit blows the cold air.

Through winter the condensation drain is not being flushed with constant condensation draining away. Over winter pan contaminants like mould, slime and dander can dry out and hibernate waiting to block drains as soon as the condensation from the indoor coils starts flowing again. Another problem we see is Geckos and other pests nesting in High wall split air conditioners over the winter months. We have cleared many drains from the remains of gecko eggs, cockroaches faeces and polystyrene casing particles which have been caused by these pests eating and nesting in evaporators.

How to fix my leaking Air Conditioner.

Preventative maintenance is always the best practice. If you wait for a leak to occur you will pay a premium and be inconvenienced with possibly no air conditioning when you require it or damage to your property. We know of many cases where unscrupulous air conditioning contractors overcharge between $175 – $300 as they know you require their services urgently to rectify the problem.

A Sanitair™ winter and pre-summer clean and sanitise will make sure your air conditioner is clean, healthy and ready for summer minimising the occurrence of any summer disasters. A full Sanitair clean and sanitise will not only assist in the prevention of condensation leaks but it will make your system run quieter, smell better and you will enjoy savings of up to 28% off your running energy costs. Call your local Sanitair™ Licensed Technician for their current introductory offers, for a full Award Winning service that takes approximately 1 hour to complete.

12 Month Mould Free Guarantee

Every full machine clean is backed by the Sanitair™ 12 Month Mould Free Guarantee. Now that’s a breath of Fresh Air. Contact your local Licensed Sanitair™ Technician.

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