Switch Off and Save Energy
Reduce energy consumption, switch off and save energy over the holiday period by switching off all electrical appliances that you don’t need on standby while you are away.

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If you are going away over the Easter holidays or long weekend, turn everything off that doesn’t need to be on and reduce emissions but best of all minimise costs.Origin Energy has some great tips to help us save electricity when cooling and heating the home! “It’s estimated, the average Australian home uses 40% of its energy on heating and cooling”Turn off and unplug coffee machines, hot water systems (depending on the length of your holiday), microwaves, stereo systems, televisions, air conditioners and anything you won’t need on standby.According to Energy Australia, you should:
  • Use lamps or spotlights
  • Switch off appliances
  • Clean your AC or cooler so it doesn’t use as much energy to run
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