Queensland Government Energy Efficient Appliance Rebate

Queenslander’s investing in energy-saving appliances may be eligible for a rebate of up to $300.

As part of the Queensland state government’s Affordable Energy Plan, customers from the Sunshine State will be eligible to receive a rebate on the purchase of a new appliance with a four-star energy rating or higher.

You have until 3rd June 2018 to purchase a 4-star energy rating or higher air conditioner, refrigerator or washing machine to be eligible for the rebate.
Customers can save up to $50 a year by using an energy efficient refrigerator or washing machine. An energy efficient air conditioner could save up to $100 a year.
Rebates available

Rebates will apply to purchases from 1 January 2018 to 3 June 2018 (inclusive) for the following household appliances:

• $200 for a 4 star or higher energy rated washing machine
• $250 for a 4 star or higher energy rated refrigerator
• $300 for a 4 star or higher energy rated air conditioner.

Limited to one (1) rebate application per household.

The scheme will end when the funding is exhausted, so payment of a rebate is not guaranteed.

Eligible to Queensland residents, for purchases in a domestic application.

Queensland’s Minister for Energy, Dr Anthony Lynham, says:

“In Queensland, appliances such as air conditioners, fridges and washing machines can account for nearly half of a household’s energy use.”
If your system is on it’s last legs this is the time to invest in a new one.”

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