Healthy Air Conditioning – How to clean Mould safely

Using toxic chemicals to clean an air conditioner can be harmful to you, your system and the environment.

Certain chemicals, such as bleach or ammonia, can emit toxic fumes that can irritate your eyes, skin, and respiratory system. These chemicals can harm the surrounding ecosystem if they are not disposed of properly.

Moulds when exposed to conditions that are detrimental to its growth, such as high heat, intense light, bleaches or disinfectants, it will respond by producing spores of its cells, called hyphae, which are capable of surviving and starting new colonies elsewhere. This helps the mould to persist and spread, even in adverse conditions. In some cases, certain strains of mould are also capable of forming spores that are resistant to certain chemicals, allowing them to persist in the face of exposure to disinfectants, cleaning agents or antibiotics.

It’s recommended to use environmentally friendly cleaning products to clean your air conditioner. If you need to use a chemical cleaner – avoid it at all costs as it may only add to the problem.

Sanitair use special formulated products that when applied to mould, safely removes the mould without the risk of mould cross contamination. Our tried and tested products and services come with a 12 month mould free guarantee.  With nearly 20 years experience, you can rest assured and breathe clean healthy air.

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Chris Ashmore (zip)

Sanitair was recommended through the lung transplant support group. Competitive price, thorough clean and great to deal with. This full clean & sanitise should be mandatory part of RTA bond cleaning. Disgusting what came out.


If you ever hear the phrase ‘Chemical Clean’ when seeking a professional air conditioning cleaner…Run for the hills.

It is more than likely they have little or no experience, or not enough knowledge to safely remove mould.  If you suffer from respiratory illness, have a weakened immune system or are one of the unlucky 24% of the population that can not fight off mould, be sure you air conditioning cleaning technician is utilising products and services that will reduce the risk of cross contamination before you engage their services.

The toxic chemicals, when used in your air conditioner can have an adverse effect on any biofilm in the system and/or drain.  Although, the system appears to be ‘Squeaky Clean’ and the service completed is record time.  You may find only after only a couple of weeks the mould, biofilm can come back tenfold and you may experience a leak due to the biofilm growth causing a blockage in the drain or the mould is back on internal components.

Sanitair use products that will not react with mould, therefore the mould will not send hyphae into the indoor air as it doesn’t see it as a threat.  Sanitair products and services are designed to safely remove mould and bacterial contamination without the risk of cross contamination.

Sanitair have been providing HVAC Hygiene for nearly 20 years, with some technicians certified mould testing technicians.  If you are unsure, give us a call to discuss any of your concerns. 1800 130 168.