Sanitair Cairns reports for Duty on Reef Ranger
Even at sea, indoor air quality is as important as a fresh sea breeze. Staff and visitors on board the Queensland Parks & Wildlife Cairns based patrol vessel, “Reef Ranger” now breathe with ease.This is the second time that the team from Sanitair™ Cairns have completely cleaned and sanitised the air conditioning systems on board Reef Ranger. Queensland and Australian governments jointly fund the 24-metre aluminium catamaran valued at 5 million dollars which acts as a floating ranger to monitor and protect the Reef in the most efficient and effective way possible.

Reef Ranger operates away from Port

Reef Ranger can operate away from port for 12 weeks. It has a range of up to 2000 nautical miles, and a speed of up to 25 knots whilst carrying up to 28 people on board. Reef Ranger is capable of reaching all corners of the 348,000 square kilometres Great Barrier Reef World Heritage area. They can respond to incidents in all parts of the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park faster than previous vessels.A typical day on board the Reef Ranger might involve monitoring compliance of zoning rules. It may also include maintaining facilities such as camping grounds and moorings, fire and weed control on islands, working with Traditional Owners on their sea country or responding to boating or shipping incidents such as fuel spills.

200 days at sea

Reef Ranger is based in Cairns but spends more than 200 days of the year at sea. They travel the length and breadth of the World Heritage Area. Reef Ranger is a vital tool in the continued long-term protection of the Great Barrier Reef. The vessel constantly works towards improving the resilience of this natural wonder.