Queensland Government plan to enforce aircon cap of 26 degrees during hot days.

The weather conditions for summer are expected to be higher than average and heatwaves are a given for Queenslanders.  The government may enforce consumers to keep air conditioning during these HOT summer days set on 26°C to avoid the large-scale blackouts across the region.

Although Government’s Energy Security Taskforce’s Summer Preparedness Plan Brochure states: “ Our power stations are ready to generate 11 445 MW of electricity to meet the peak demands of summer, which is more than the predicted peak demand of 9790 MW”.

The brochure also recommends “During a heatwave, residents may be asked to manage electricity network stress by changing air conditioners to 26 degrees or above and using cooling only in occupied rooms during peak hours. This helps us manage demand and mitigate the risk of load-shedding occurring”

How the plan will be enforced is not clear, limiting power supplies is likely to become a reality a high power usage continues over summer.

The trial for ‘demand management’ scheme is already underway in Victoria, offering consumers incentive payments to volunteer to cut their power in return for credits on the energy bill. The trial scheme scheduled to be launched in December 2017, comes as Australia’s energy market operator revealed both Victoria and South Australia face an increased risk of energy shortfall over the next decade.

Consumers need to be prepared for this summers predicted heat waves and have their air conditioners professionally cleaned by local licensed Sanitair HVAC Hygienists, so that they are more energy efficient and can provide a cooler indoor environment without using as much energy as a dirty air con.

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