Shop Local

Shop Local – Support Local Businesses, Get Better Service and Improve your Local Economy!

Locals recognise that small businesses are a vital cog in the local economic wheel. Local Small Businesses play an important part in the community and if you only spent $100 a year in your local small business rather than the multinational, it would increase your economy and create more local jobs.The Galaxy research found 58 per cent of Australians believe small business helps give a community a sense of identity and it provides convenience for consumers.And the feedback on smaller operators is positive – nearly one in two people (45 per cent) believe small business owners deliver superior customer service.There are over two million small businesses in Australia so do your local community a favour and Shop Local.Sanitair™ businesses Australia wide are all Locally Owned and Operated, FREECALL 1800 130 168 for your local Sanitair authorised and licensed technician. #supportlocalbusiness #shoplocal  #mouldfree #airconcleaning