Air Conditioning Cleaning and Allergic Rhinitis – Hay Fever

Clean, healthy Sanitised air is important because it impacts our health. However, air quality is of an even greater concern to people living with – or affected by – chronic respiratory conditions. One of the most common chronic respiratory conditions in Australia is allergic rhinitis affecting about 15% of the population. It is also commonly referred to as hay fever. Air impurities can easily trigger an allergic rhinitis attack. Air Conditioning Cleaning is vital.


Air Quality and Allergic Rhinitis: The Connection

An allergic rhinitis attack is a trigger by an allergen in the air. If an individual that suffers from allergic rhinitis breathes in air impurities – such as mould, dust and dirt particles, pollen, volatile organic compounds, etc. – his/her body suffers a hay fever attack.
Air quality directly influences hay fever attacks. While it is not much that any of us can do about the quality of outdoor air (except maybe cleaning the areas around our homes, neighbourhoods, educational institutions and workplaces), we have full control when it comes to indoor air quality.


Air Quality and Allergic Rhinitis: The solution

It is crucial to note that having better indoor air quality is one of the best preventive measures against hay fever attacks. This is because most people spend most of their time indoors; be it at home, work, or school. Studies have shown that the level of contaminants and pollutants in indoor air can be 2 to 5 times – or in some cases up to 100 times – higher than outdoor air. This is the main reason why in most countries indoor air pollution is on the list of top 5 urgent environmental risks to human health.

One of the most effective ways of solving the problem of poor indoor air quality is by making sure that air conditioning systems at schools, work, hotels, or any other premises are well maintained. It is not only a matter of servicing the AC units but also about cleaning them. This is where you need the services of a professional, Sanitair™ technicians are professional fully qualified and licensed in air conditioning cleaning. A professional AC cleaner will ensure that they clean and Sanitise your AC unit so that the quality of air is both clean and Sanitised. They achieve this by using a variety of cleaning tools and products.
A clean and sanitised air conditioning system goes a long way towards preventing chances of an allergic rhinitis attack in an indoor scenario. It is therefore crucial that all AC systems are well maintained and cleaned to minimize the effects that poor air conditioning may have on individuals suffering from hay fever.

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