Air Conditioning Cleaning & Asthma

Air Conditioning Cleaning and Asthma 

Respiratory conditions, like asthma, impair the normal functioning of the human airways. The airways include the lungs and the air passages that are responsible for transferring air from the nose and mouth to the lungs. These conditions can be acute (short term) or even chronic (long-lasting). They cause problems in breathing and lead to ill health. In severe cases, they can lead to disability or even death.

Air conditioning and asthma: Making the connection

Although there are many asthma triggers (things that can cause an asthmatic attack), the most common triggers are air impurities. While there is not much that can be done about the outdoor air, the quality of indoor is a totally different matter.

Poor indoor air quality

Poorly maintained air condition units provide poor indoor air that is not sanitised. This will facilitate the growth of mould, bacteria and fungi. Also, the number of impurities in the air will increase. All these are asthmatic triggers. This means that individuals that suffer from asthma are more likely to get attacks. This is a very terrifying fact considering that most people spend about 70-90 per cent of their time indoors. Mould Free Guarantee

Clean and Sanitised air

Indoor air quality is regulated by the air conditioning system. If the AC unit is well maintained and cleaned, then your home or property will have clean and sanitised air. This means that there will be no (or very small amounts of) impurities in your indoor air. This way, you can prevent or minimise attacks that occur due to poor indoor air quality.

In order to ensure that you have the best indoor air quality, your air conditioner system needs to be well maintained and cleaned by a Professional air conditioning cleaning technician.  A professional Aircon cleaning technician knows how to properly service and clean your AC system. He/she has specialised equipment and products to ensure that your air conditioner is cleaned properly producing the healthiest air possible.

Benefits of good air conditioning maintenance and cleaning

The benefits of good air conditioning are numerous. First, your home will smell cleaner and have healthier air to breathe. This will reduce the chances of asthmatic attacks to your loved ones. Second, your family will have better general health. Also, with reduced chances of asthmatic attacks from poor indoor air quality, you will be able to save more on medical costs and your family will have less asthma-caused sick days.

It is important that parents and homeowner realize how poor indoor air quality can adversely affect family members that are prone to asthmatic attacks. They should take the necessary steps to ensure that the air in their homes is clean and sanitised.

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