Air Quality and the Elderly: Why you need to keep your air conditioner clean?

After a lifetime of hard work and contributing to society, it’s important we respect and take care of our elderly citizens. Whether they live in a nursing home, a retirement village or live independently, we need to ensure our loved ones have fresh, clean air to live out the best of their golden days.

Like young people, the elderly are more likely to experience the side effects of poor air quality which can caused by dirty air conditioners. But unlike kids, most elderly people have mobility issues and can spend up to 90% of their time indoors – especially those that reside in aged care – meaning they spend more time inhaling air filtered through air conditioners and heaters.

Here are some 7 reasons why you need to keep air conditioners clean for the elderly:

To stop the build-up of bacteria

As part of the air conditioning process, the filters trap dust, bacteria, spores and particles ensure the air flowing out of the air conditioner is clean. Combine these trapped particles with the internal moisture and humidity inside the air conditioner, these conditions can encourage bacteria to thrive.

Common bacteria found inside air conditioner units include:

  • Clostridia
  • Streptococci
  • Staphylococci
  • Listeria
  • Legionella

Reducing the spread of mould

Mould that builds up in dirty air conditioner units can be spread throughout the room triggering a series of mould related illnesses.

Prevent air pollution related illnesses

Our professional staff at Sanitair, are all too familiar with the health risks caused by dirty air conditioners. A Harvard study has found that the elderly are more susceptible to poor quality air that can be caused from things like dirty air conditioners.

Dirty air conditioners can expose elderly people to dust, bacteria and mould which can trigger or worsen chronic illnesses like:

  • Asthma
  • Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)
  • Emphysema
  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Stroke
  • Increase risk of pneumonia and respiratory infections

Air conditioner filters that are regularly cleaned reduce the risk of these diseases or prevent existing medical conditions in the elderly from getting worse.

The elderly may rely on air conditioning

Clean and efficient air conditioners are vital for good nursing homes as some elderly people rely on air conditioners to survive the summer.

As we get older, we have a harder time regulating our bodies core temperature. Certain illnesses and medication can also have an impact on the bodies thermoregulation system. The elderly have a greater risk of suffering from heat strokes which can be prevented with clean and effective air conditioners.

Improve quality of life and mood

With improved air quality caused by regularly cleaned air conditioners, the elderly are less likely to have illnesses caused by poor quality air, improved comfort and improved mood.

It’s not just about the elderly

When nursing homes get their air conditioners regularly cleaned, everyone benefits. From the staff, the clients, their visitors, anyone who steps foot in your facility will be treated to healthy, clean air.

Provide a high standard of care

After the 2021, Aged Care Royal Commission, aged care facilities are following recommendations and striving to provide a higher level of care. Including regular air conditioner cleaning as part of your cleaning protocol gives your aged care facility an edge and demonstrates your service is truly a step above the competition.

A clean air conditioner is just a phone call away

With all the concerns about dirty air conditioners, you may be thinking how I can clean my air conditioning unit.

Don’t spend hours tinkering and risk accidentally breaking your air conditioner. The team at Sanitair are the air conditioner cleaning professionals. Contact your local branch and we can come to you!

Our Premium and Deep Covid cleans offer a 12-month mould-free guarantee to give you peace of mind.

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