What’s Hiding Under Your Hood?

When you last time you looked under the Hood?

Overtime your air conditioner will accumulate a build up of dust, dirt, DNA, pet dander and any other airbourne particle it has filtered from the indoor air. This will build up on the filters and on the indoor coils of your air conditioner.

Your air conditioner will be working harder to cool / heat the air because of the build up.  Increasing your energy costs and reducing the life of your system.

The contamination will be blown back into the room air for occupants to inhale….  Not a nice thought especially when we find so many pests and sometimes rodents decaying in the systems.

Local Sanitair HVAC Hygienists are professionally trained to clean and sanitise all the hard to get to places and they have specialised equipment and products to make sure the job is done properly and restore your air conditioner to as new condition.  Asthma & Allergy friendly to ensure your system is sanitised and not causing any further problems for allergy sufferers.

If you have never had your air conditioner professionally cleaned then you could be in for some surprises.

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