Tips on Keeping Your Split System Air Conditioner in Excellent Condition

Tips on Keeping Your Spilt System Air Conditioner in Excellent Condition

Most people today want to save costs on repairs by knowing ways to keep their air conditioning system in good condition. Here are a few options that will help the split system air conditioner keep up during the times when you need it most.

Aircon efficiency can be greatly increased by removing contamination build up from the indoor coils and keeping the condensation drain clear.  This will allow for better airflow will increase efficiency dramatically.

Air Conditioner Tips

  • Tip 1 When mowing the lawn; remember to turn off your air con so that the lawn clippings do not get sucked into the outdoor coils of your condenser unit. It is also important to clear any vegetation around the equipment on a regular basis.
  • Tip 2 Check all air supply vent and ensure they are open and there is no mould in the air conditioner, which is not only bad for the equipment but can lead to serious illness in you and your family members.
  • Tip 3 Ants, bugs and vermin are attracted to electrical components, it is important to hire a pest control who can control the pests from spreading around the air con unit.
  • Tip 4 A regular maintenance agreement with a professional Aircon Cleaning Service Provider can help you save thousands of dollars on repair work on your air conditioning system. Hiring an air con cleaning service company will ensure that your split system air conditioner is working smoothly and efficiently throughout the year.
  • Tip 5 On humid days set the Fan speed on LOW.  The slower the air movement through the air conditioning equipment the more moisture will be removed from the indoor air, improving comfort in your home.
  • Tip 6 Try not to run your air conditioning system when you are renovating e.g. sanding wooden floorboards, sanding walls, removing kitchens or bathrooms, etc.  Any dust or air borne particles inside the home will recirculate through the air conditioner and will choke the system, making it harder to work.

Having an Energy Saving Aircon Service tune-up on your aircon will help you save on your air conditioning running costs, especially during the months they operate the most.

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