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Australia’s largest and most respected Air Conditioning Cleaning & Sanitising company with over 14 years in the industry. Our local team can rid your air conditioning unit of mould, dirt, dust, grime, grease, pollen, fungus and harmful bacteria that you can’t see, GUARANTEED! Contact Air Con Cleaning Lake Macquarie.

Sanitair® Lake Macquarie provides air conditioner service in Lake Macquarie region and a superior air conditioning cleaning and sanitising service to local business owners & homeowners throughout the Region.

Authorised Sanitair technician servicing Lake Macquarie NSW.

FREECALL 1800 130 168 to speak to him directly and ask about his specials. Visit

Sanitair Lake Macquarie

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Sanitair Lake Macquarie, air con cleaning service for the Lake Macquarie region NSW. Locally owned and operated Sanitair Business Owner for the Lake Macquarie Region.

  • Remove Mould & Bacterial Contamination
  • Award Winning Service since 2005
  • Reduce Energy Costs 
  • Home, Business and Car

Air conditioning cleaning in Blackalls Park, Morisset, Bonnels Bay, Cooranbong, Wangi Wangi, Barnsley, Killingworth, Wakefield, Belmont North, Belmont South, Warners Bay, Boolaroo, Speers Point, Windale and surrounding Region.

Jo Worthington reviewed Sanitair Aircon Clean Lake Macquarie & Hunter Valley — 5 star

“Best money I’ve ever spent! Premium clean was definitely worth more than charged, especially once you see all the filth that’s washed out. My family suffers from Asthma and hay fever and I’d personally recommend everyone to have their a/c’s cleaned professionally. 

“Great customer service! The air con is running much better now, and I had no idea how much dirt and mould was inside, that we were breathing in! It was definitely worth having it done! I highly recommend this service and am a very satisfied customer” Sarah Thompson

About Lake Macquarie

Just 90 minutes north of Sydney, Lake Macquarie will help you ease into holiday mode.  This is a place where the simple things you love never went out of style, where the dress code reads “barefoot” and the soundtrack is the gentle lapping of waves on the shore of the sizzle of a barbecue.  The largest saltwater lake in the southern hemisphere and more than twice the size of Sydney harbour, Lake Macquarie is an aquatic playground to be explored by boat, kayak or stand-up paddleboard.  Hike through cool rainforest, camp by majestic waterfalls and see the sun rise from ancient sea caves.  Or better still see it all from above with an exhilarating joy flight.