Air Con Service Mid West / Gascoyne WA


aircon service Mid West/Gascoyne
Wade Gould – Mid West / Gascoyne WA technician   0427 189 089

Sanitair air con service Mid West/Gascoyne and surrounding region.

  • Remove Mould & Bacterial Contamination
  • Improve Air Flow
  • Reduce Energy Costs
  • 12 Month Mould Free Guarantee
  • Award Winning Service since 2005

Free call Sanitair on 1800 130 168 or visit to make a booking with your local Sanitair Mid West/Gascoyne technician.

Air Con service Mid West/Gascoyne WA Reviews

“Knew our split systems were bad which is why I stopped using them months ago. Turns out the funny smell when running was mould and other dirt, but I didn’t know they were that bad. Seeing the dirty water bucket from 1 unit was enough to go ahead with all 3. Money well spent. Our house has cleaner air now thanks to Sanitair. Love how efficient the machines are too. Thanks guys!” Taryn Hicks

About Mid West/ Gascoyne

The Mid West covers about 466,800 km² or nearly one-fifth of WA.

Geraldton is the regional centre of the Mid West. The city and surrounds contain about 36,000 people, more than half the entire region’s population of 49,000.

DOL regions map

Gascoyne air conditioning service

The Gascoyne covers about 138,000 km² and is roughly one and a half times the size of Tasmania.  It has about 600 km of coastline and has the lowest population density of any region in Australia.

Carnarvon’s infrastructure is weak since its population is small and services are generally sought in Perth some 905km to the south. Carnarvon’s other sizable neighbours are Geraldton (480km south) and Broome (14,000 people some 1,400km north-east).

Tourism makes the greatest financial contribution to the Gascoyne.  While visitor numbers have increased to above 200,000 per annum, spending has fallen per visitor.  It is believed rising costs (particularly fuel) have not discouraged visitors but have curbed spending.