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Sanitair™ Deniliquin – Air Con Cleaning Sanitair Deniliquin will professionally remove all mould contamination from your home or work air conditioning system. Air Conditioner Clean and Sanitise with Sanitair™ Full Machine Clean will guarantee a 12 month Mould Free period.

Sanitair™ has over 14 years experience in the air conditioning cleaning industry, call us today and find out why Sanitair are Australia’s leaders in Professional Air Conditioning Cleaning & Sanitising.

Sanitair Deniliquin

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Your air conditioner is working hard to keep you cool and over time it accumulates a build-up of indoor contamination such as pet dander, skin, dust, dust mites and dirt.
These contaminants act as a food source and encourage the growth of mould and bacteria on your indoor coils. The indoor coils are moist and warm and the air passes over these coils to heat up and get blown into the room resulting in warm air. The contaminants are also blown into the room for all room occupants to inhale. Have you checked to see how dirty your aircon is?

Air Conditioning Cleaning Service Deniliquin – Sanitair will remove all mould and bacterial contamination that only a trained professional can reach.

Call: 1800 130 168 to locate your local HVAC Hygienist Air Conditioner Cleaning Technician in the Deniliquin region.

About Deniliquin

Deniliquin is the event capital of the Murray Region hosting the world famous Deni Ute Muster, the Big Sky Blues and Roots Festival, the Cruising Nationals Hot Rod Festival and the Deniliquin XXXX Gold Fishing Classic.  It is an aquatic playground for waterskiing, wakeboarding, boating and fishing it is easy to see why Deniliquin is the perfect spot for a family holiday.  A must see event is the Deni Ute Muster, an iconic event played out on some of the largest, flattest plains on earth.  It is recognised as one of Australia’s premier rural events which see thousands of people from every capital city and town come to the region.