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At Sanitair™ Brisbane we will clean and sanitise and make sure your air conditioner is clean, healthy and ready to minimise the occurrence of any disasters.  A full Sanitair™ clean and sanitise will not only assist in the prevention of condensation leaks but it will also make your system run quieter, smell better and you will enjoy savings of up to 28% off your running energy costs.  Call your local Sanitair™ Licensed Technician for their current introductory offers, for a full Award Winning service that takes approximately 1 hour to complete.

Freecall 1800 130 168 for your home or work and take advantage of a FREE Health Assessment on your air conditioning system. Indoor Air Pollution is BAD for business, put Sanitair™  Brisbane will work to rid your air conditioning with professional air con cleaning in the Ipswich region.

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The irritants inside the air conditioner are airbourne and for those with allergies or asthma; it’s even worse.  Mould Spores, Bacterial Contamination, Odours, and other germs can make you sick.  You can help, aircon cleaning service Brisbane, Sanitair™ will professionally rid your system of these harmful contaminants and you will notice the difference.