What’s Hiding Under Your Hood?

When you last cleaned your car did you service under the Hood?

When you wash and polish your car you probably also vacuum the inside and clean the windows. How often do you open the hood and provide maintenance and cleaning under the hood, if you are like most people it would be hardly ever.

Sometimes car owners are able to carry out simple maintenance like, topping up fluids, changing or cleaning filters.  Usually a higher level of training, tools and experience are required to maintain critical parts and minimise the risk of damage when servicing.

Your air conditioner is very similar to your car as there are minor maintenance jobs that equipment owners can perform and there are many parts under the hood that require a higher level of training and tools to maintain without causing damage which can incur expensive repair bills.

Licensed Sanitair HVAC Hygienists are professionally trained to clean and sanitise all the hard to get to places and they have specialised equipment and products to make sure the job is done properly and restore your air conditioner to as new condition.

If you have never had your air conditioner professionally cleaned then you could be in for some surprises.

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