Ideal AirCon Temperature Setting

Winter Energy Savings for Your Air Conditioning System

5 Free Things You Can Do Now

1. Clean your Air Conditioner Filters

   Dirty filters obstruct airflow, forcing the system to work harder and consume more energy. By removing dust and debris, you can enhance airflow and improve efficiency, potentially reducing your air conditioner's energy consumption by up to 15%.

2. Shut the Door on Wasted Energy 

   Only heat the rooms you are using. Close doors to unused areas like bathrooms or bedrooms during the day. Ensure your air conditioning system is clean, including filters and vents to maintain efficiency.

3. Turn it Off 

   Turn off your air conditioning when you go to bed or leave the house to avoid unnecessary energy consumption. Unplug appliances to prevent standby power usage, which can account for up to 3% of your energy costs.

4. Use Ceiling Fans Effectively 

   Reverse your ceiling fans to help distribute warm air throughout the room, complementing your air conditioning.

5. Let the Sun Shine In 

   Utilise natural heat from the sun. Open curtains when the sun is shining and close them before it gets dark to retain warmth.

5 Cost-Effective Things You Can Do This Winter

1. Draught-Proof Your Home 

   Seal gaps around windows and doors to keep the heat inside, potentially saving up to 25% on heating bills.

2. Enhance Window Insulation

   Invest in quality curtains or thermal blinds to reduce heat loss. Consider adding thermal film or secondary glass panels as a cost-effective alternative to double glazing.

3. Set Your Air Conditioner Temperature Wisely 

   Keep your systems temperature set between 18°C and 20°C. Programmable thermostats can save energy by only heating your home when needed. Every degree you increase your heating can add up to 10% on your energy use.

4. Clean Your Air Conditioning System

  A professional air conditioning clean and sanitise can significantly enhance its efficiency and reduce energy costs. By removing contamination build-up from your indoor coils and blower fan, you can reduce your energy costs by up to 28%. Regular cleaning of your air conditioning system not only improves air quality but also ensures optimal performance, especially during the demanding winter months. To save on your energy costs, call your local Sanitair technician 1800 130 168, our team a qualified HVAC Hygienists with nearly two decades of experience in the air conditioning cleaning industry.

5. Insulate Your Roof 

   Proper roof and ceiling insulation can reduce your home’s winter heat loss by up to 35%, saving 45% or more on heating costs.

By implementing these energy-saving tips and maintaining your air conditioning system, you can keep your home warm and energy-efficient throughout winter, saving on costs and reducing your environmental impact.